双桥沟 隆珠措

I am reluctant to sit on the bus to Siguniang mountain. Although it has been "delicious and lazy" for three days in Chengdu, in my dream, I am still talking about: hot pot, crisp meat, fresh duck blood, ice powder, pickled vegetables, marinated pig feet

My friend said, "the land of abundance is really the land of gentleness. Besides good food, good water and good mountains, there are beautiful women like clouds.". Those who are not determined will inevitably linger and forget to return, and those who are happy will not think about returning. In this way, their lives will be flat and difficult to achieve great things. " At first, I only thought it was a joke, but when I was in the land of heaven, I realized that Chengdu is really a city that will become lazy after a long time

Starting from Chengdu, passing through Dujiangyan, Yingxiu and Wolong, we finally arrived at rilong Town, which is located at the foot of Siguniang mountain. It's more than four hours' drive. Rilong town is 3200 meters above sea level, so it's a plateau.

On the way, the bus passes over the Bayang mountain pass, which is more than 4000 meters above sea level. The zigzag winding mountain road looks like "God and devil purgatory". Many people on the bus can't help puking

I boast that I have experienced Everest Road, which does not have any impact on me, just a little frown is impossible


Everest Road

However, I got out of the car from Siguniangshan town in front of rilong Town, and the driver dragged the backpack down from the bus and handed it to me. I took the backpack and stumbled for two steps. Holding the backpack, I was very laborious. I wondered how it increased. I tried to carry it on my back, but the effort made me use of my milk!

Maybe my life in Chengdu a few days ago was too comfortable. When I got off the bus, my head was dizzy. I walked like walking on cotton. I was walking on a diagonal line unconsciously. It's only two kilometers to the inn, but my limp limbs, stuffy chest and heavy burden almost explain me here. I just walk a few steps with my head down, and I'm so tired that I'm full of stars

I left my backpack on the side of the road and gasped for breath to rest. I looked up and saw that there was a steep slope tens of meters in front of me. I looked up at the sky and myself. I was so desperate that I became furious in my heart. I wanted to die

In the end, I don't know how long it took me to walk the long two kilometers. I just know that I lay on the bed of the Inn and collapsed for a long time. As for how long, I don't know, until I stepped in and pushed the door.

Dengden is my first roommate in this room, and then I will have my second and third roommate. Finally, six people will gather in this room.

Coincidentally, Deng Deng slept on the bed opposite me. As soon as he entered the room, he went straight to his bed. Seeing the loveless me on the opposite side, he said, "Hello, what's wrong with you?"

After lying down for a long time, I felt much better. I sat up slowly and said, "it's OK, I'm a little tired..."

He continued to ask me, "where are you going to play?"

I said, "go to shuangqiaogou, Siguniangshan first..."

He asked me doubtfully, "why don't you go now..."

His casual question seems to be asking me why I'm lazy here? Is it so easy for him to see my long-standing intention? I want to be lazy. I'm critically attacked in my heart

Afraid of being shy, I got up and said, "I'm going to..." With that, I quickly picked up my backpack and walked out the door.

Before going out, dengdeng kindly reminded me, "it's 1:30 in the afternoon, and I should be able to catch up!"

I nodded at him and said, "OK, thank you!"

Before I came to Siguniang mountain, I used some strategies for reference. I know that there are three ditches in Siguniang mountain that are open for sightseeing, namely Shuangqiao ditch, Changping ditch and Haizi ditch. Shuangqiao ditch is the most developed one. There are shuttle buses to and from each scenic spot in the whole process. Many people say that the tour only takes two hours.

Siguniangshan town is seven kilometers away from shuangqiaogou, but I can't find a suitable car to drive me to shuangqiaogou! The bus leaves at three o'clock. When it arrives, I don't think I need to go. I want to carpool but I can't wait to carpool. If I go there alone, I have to pay for several other empty seats!

I stood outside the car to bargain with the driver, but the driver never let me down. After a long period of time, I finally decided to spend this "high price". After all, I had said that I was going to go before my roommate boarded. Now it's not a shame to go back

It's already 2:30 p.m. at this moment, the driver finally started the car and sent me to shuangqiaogou in less than 15 minutes.

I got out of the car and went to the ticket window. Unexpectedly, a staff member standing at the ticket gate shouted at me and waved a stack of tickets to show me to hurry up. I ran to him and he handed me a ticket directly. He asked me to pay for it and get on the bus as soon as possible, because it was the last one

"Ah?..." I didn't think about it at all, and I didn't have time to be surprised

The first stop is to take us to the deepest and highest scenic spot -- redwood forest. Shuangqiaogou is more than 30 kilometers long. It's 40 minutes after I get to redwood forest

Sequoia forest area is 3840 meters above sea level, surrounded by snow peaks. People call it "Snow Mountain Museum". When you step into it, you can see glaciers, ten thousand year old snow pagodas, Hunter peak, Notre Dame peak, Eagle wing peak, Yutu peak, etc



Deep into the Sequoia forest, every snow mountain landscape around me makes me forget to go back. I don't know how long it took. There were snowflakes in the sky. I was so intoxicated that I was so happy to take photos that I didn't know that I was the only one left in such a large forest. When I got back to my mind, I hurried out of the forest. At this moment, there was only one last bus waiting for me in the section station.

Sitting in the car, I look out of the window and wonder if I shouldn't come in


Niupengzi white tower

Fortunately, the coach drove very fast, and soon arrived at the next stop, cowshed. The cowshed lawn is named after a herdsman's cowshed. It is surrounded by snow mountains and cliffs, full of yaks. The most remarkable is a white pagoda surrounded by colorful prayer flags, with a breeze passing by. They are sounded by hunting. What impresses me most here is mount Kumgang, which has a unique shape and is like the Potala Palace in Tibet. Therefore, it is named "Potala peak" by the image of the scenic spot.


Potala peak

I took a few pictures in a hurry, and the driver called me to get on the bus. I took pictures as I walked, and I was reluctant to part with him all the way

The next stop is the seabuckthorn forest landscape belt starting from bonsai beach. I was afraid that I could not get out of the ditch, so I let the cars fly in the road. So I missed bonsai beach, sigunacuo and other scenic spots perfectly, and saw dozens of people taking photos on the wooden plank road beside longzhucuo. I hurriedly called for the stop of the shuttle, rushed to the plank road, grabbed the camera is a "click"

Dark clouds slowly emerge from the Shuangqiao ditch, the clouds in the sky change thousands of times, the mountains and the earth are shrouded in half cloudy and half clear clouds, dozens of seabuckthorn plants die in the lake because of years of immersion, and charming poetry emerges in the desolation, the size of the dead trees in the water is uneven into the landscape, the clear water under the trees is bending and turning, the picture is breathtaking



The driver's master began to call for people to get on the bus again and again. The rest of the old mages were so intoxicated that they seemed to have agreed to ignore the shouting

And I, seize the opportunity to take more photos! I open many eyes, look at the driver, look at the old mage, and look at the scenery. I can't be idle in my hands and keep "clicking"

The dark cloud finally occupied the sky, the temperature around it suddenly fell, the cold wind suddenly rose, the light in the ditch was too dark to shoot normally any more, and several old mages slowly packed up their things and got on the car!

Back to the inn, I can go back to the comfortable bed again, but this day's journey life always makes me worried. This was a good trip, but in the end, not only the scenery didn't see enough, but also was driven out of the ditch all the way, cough, this may be "self inflicted", said many tears

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