After staying in Zada for seven days, it was finally time to leave! I remember the last time I came to Zada was in winter, which was also my first time coming. At that time, not to mention Zada, even Ali was a legend to me.

It was an unforgettable winter. My friends and I chartered a car to Ali and experienced two heavy snowfalls on the way, one in Saga and the other in Zada.

When passing through Saga, the snow covered half of the tires, and the charterer frowned tightly, reminding us that we might not be able to move forward anymore. We were all disappointed, but the weather was so bad that we had no choice but to stay overnight in Saga. The next day, we still tried to keep moving forward. Unexpectedly, as we climbed over the pass of the assault mountain, there was no snow at all in Zhongba County behind the mountain. This meant that we could continue our planned journey. We were excited and almost cried!

However, the danger of entering Zada was to travel at night in order to catch up, and unfortunately encountered heavy snow. We walked cautiously in the pitch black mountains, not worried about the slippery snow road, but afraid of not being able to distinguish whether the snow covered road was a mountain road or a mountain ditch. One side of the road was a drainage ditch, and the other side was a cliff. I sat in the co pilot's seat chatting with the driver while helping him observe the surroundings, while my friends were sleeping in a daze from behind, which was really embarrassing.

The next day, after waking up from the hotel in Zada, we eagerly asked the driver to take us out for a trip. As we slowly ascended along the winding mountain road, the scenery before us made our scalp tingle. The earth forest is covered with new snow from last night, and the sky is as blue as if washed by a clear stream. The blue silver light reflected from the Zhada Tulin and the snow capped mountains intertwined, shimmering with ethereal light. This scenery is like a fairyland in a fairy tale world, which fascinates me. Until now, I still vividly remember the intracranial orgasmic sensation.

Because of my last adventure, I made sufficient preparations for my second visit to Zada, so I stayed there for seven days. During these seven days, I have been shuttling back and forth to various observation platforms every day, recording the beauty of the earth forest from different angles under different weather conditions. I have camped in the wilderness several times, trying to capture the starry sky in the earth forest.

The Malang Observation Platform left a deep impression on me. Its scenic area is very large, but it is free. There are roads in the scenic area that can be driven, although they are unpaved earth and stone roads, they are very smooth and there are no problems with driving. The soil forest under the Malang observation deck is the most visually impactful scenery. Standing at the edge of the deck, there is a huge valley in front of you. On both sides of the valley are the most spectacular creatures in the Zada soil forest. Here, it seems like you can travel back to ancient times and see how the vast water body gradually transforms the surrounding environment into a soil forest.

The Burr Gully Viewing Platform is a scenic spot that everyone will pass by. Although it is easy to reach here, the scenery it presents is not perfunctory at all. Looking out from here, you can see the crisscrossing earth forests, spreading all the way to the end of the sky. At the end, there is a snow mountain called Kamet Snow Mountain, which blends with the earth forest to create a magnificent scene. Crossing the snow capped mountains again will become the boundary of India.

The most impressive thing for me is Xiayigou, perhaps the most beautiful existence in the Zada soil forest. There are densely packed earth forest and stone pillars growing in Xiayi Gully, with various forms, some resembling giant warriors wearing armor, some resembling heavily fortified ancient fortresses and watchtowers, and some resembling fierce beasts wielding their teeth and claws. The incredible craftsmanship of nature is truly breathtaking.

I captured the starry sky in all three scenic spots, and the scenery in each of them was stunning. What surprised me the most was that I saw Thunderstorm Galaxy for the first time - the distant snow capped mountains were covered in dark clouds, and lightning kept shining all night, while above the dark clouds was a clear starry sky and a brilliant Milky Way. Unfortunately, the lenses and cameras I carry are limited, and I am unable to capture everything I see and hear.

In the end, I still have to leave Zada. However, everything here has been deeply imprinted in my heart. I will come again, not only to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Zada again, but also to pursue my inner persistence and love.

The hot, dry, desolate, and epic scenery here seems to be a baptism bestowed upon me by nature. They made me feel the resilience and tenacity of life, and also made me cherish everything in front of me more.

I look forward to the next arrival, when I will bring richer experience and more exquisite skills to record every moment of Zada with my camera and pen. I know that every encounter will bring new gains and insights, and Zada will also leave a deeper mark in my life.

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