Every night I drink yellow rice wine with you

What's the best match with rice wine
That must be peanuts
But not all peanuts match
The best match is the one fried with pepper
No more needs
They are the only one for each other

It's best to sip yellow rice wine
Every time yellow rice wine is imported
The pure smell of sawdust will overflow the whole mouth
Pinch another peanut and put it into your mouth
Chew slowly
Peanut fragrance excavates yellow wine fragrance
The fragrance of yellow wine is the result of the fragrance of yellow wine
This feeling is like a touch
It will give people a kind of satisfaction from inside to outside

Oh, yes
You must drink warm wine when drinking yellow rice wine
That is to hold the wine glass with a bowl of hot water
This is so important!
The warmth unfolded slowly in the yellow rice wine
It's like being pressed on your stomach by a pair of warm big hands
This may be the feeling of safety
It's also a feeling of infatuation

Yellow rice wine is best drunk at night
Actually, because I like drinking at night
I like dim lights
I like soothing music
I like quiet
My favorite rice wine is at this time
It becomes a decompression password

Remember the day I smashed the seal mud
The first thing we mentioned together was yellow rice wine
It smells like pure sawdust
It suddenly became my favorite
Yes, I'm really old

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