After supper, my mother nagged about buying a house again

I remember that when I was in the third grade of primary school, I was standing in front of sending my mother to Beijing. I took my sister's hand and watched the train move slowly. We didn't say anything. I know my mother doesn't give up, and we don't give up, but there's no way!

My mother is a strong person, she works hard all the time, but she is still a poor person! My mother started to do business very early, but she was very careful. She said that if she was not forced by her friends to do business, she might not dare to take that step up to now.

Many years ago, my mother's friend bought a house in Tongzhou. At that time, the total price was only more than 200000 yuan. But my mother can't see it. TongZhou is so far away and desolate. Now it has become the sub center of Beijing! I really can't stand up

Buying a house in any age is a lot of money, so that my mother has never moved the idea of buying a house. When my mother first came to Beijing, she lived in Xiangshan, the Fifth Ring Road in the north. At that time, there were large fields outside the third ring road. When I graduated from primary school, I went to Beijing for the first time. I saw that the village next to Xiangshan was also a small corn field in front of my family. I can't imagine the grand scene that my family built their own small building to "steal money"

Mom should be my Beipiao guide! After graduation, I followed my mother to Beijing and became a programmer! My mother planned to let me help her to do business together, but at that time, I was afraid of noise and noise. I liked the quiet environment, so I found a job by myself! After these years of struggle, more and more money has been earned, but it has to be said that the house price in Beijing is also getting higher and higher!

My mother rented in the West 2nd Ring Road more than ten years ago. Last year, the house price soared. So many years, I watched the house rented for more than ten years soar from 800000 to 800000. Maybe mom and I really don't have the same idea of financial management. They haven't bought it for so many years. Now when the house price goes against the sky, they want to enter the market!

I said, mom, I don't want to buy it!

Mom said, you are old now, and your salary is very high. You can provide a stable house!

My mother and I are not willing to pay debts, except for the house, we have no lack of food, clothing, housing and anything else. The house is so expensive, why buy a house now! My mouth said that my mother was so jealous that others made more money, but I knew in my heart that my mother had rented a house for so many years, and had no house of her own, so the business was bleak. In addition, the price rise in these years made her feel less and less secure!

Of course, I also have my idea. Every year, I take time to travel many times and buy anything I like, such as cameras, computers and mobile phones, which don't need a lot of money. Recently, I bought 20000 cameras, not including lenses, and my eyes won't blink! I'm afraid to lose these and become a house slave! Start to cringe at anything!

Some people say that not all loans need to be paid by themselves. We should learn the principle of financial management. Buy today, go up tomorrow, and then sell!

But I think that there are only a few speculators, most of them are the bottom people who pay back the loans honestly. If everyone is speculating like this, they will not only help the speculators but also themselves!

In 1991, at the tragic moment of Tokyo's house price, the house price plummeted by 65% in three months, the transaction was depressed, the bank loan was cut off, overnight, the millionaire who bought the house became a tens of millions, suicide and bankruptcy broke out.

When the financial crisis broke out in China, the real estate bubble collapsed, and the speculators had made a lot of money. But the houses of the people at the bottom of the loan had become negative assets. Of course, the drop in income caused by the financial crisis was inevitable. When they really could not afford the loan, they abandoned their houses, letting the banks take their houses away, and people sleeping on the streets. Head, and the bank is guarding a large number of real estate that can not be realized, will be insolvent, also can face collapse!

But it also reflects another problem: the government must regulate and stabilize housing prices through regulation and control, so as not to let bubbles continue to spread, nor do they want bubbles to collapse. But who can think of the future? The changes of social security system over the years are well known! Who can control the fast changing economic changes?

I comforted my mother and said, "Mom, the people who are in a hurry to buy a house are" social anxiety ". This is the disease of this society. Those poor people who don't have much money can't really understand why they want to buy a house. They are used to listening to the authority or following the public consumption. Those who buy a house in the second ring road of Beijing with tens of millions of people are free The life of eating hot and spicy food, however, must be squeezed into the life of tightening the belt and eating bran and swallowing vegetables!

Some people say that you don't understand what Beijing has provided you, such as a perfect medical system, a high-end education environment, a better employment environment and rising space, which other places can't give you!

Looking back, we think that Beijing's house prices have only seen "blowout growth" in recent years, which is not a long time, but it has made some people overdrawn for the rest of their lives! Those who drive one or two hours a day to work in Beijing from the Sixth Ring Road, the seventh Ring Road, or even Hebei Province, have to pay more than 3000 yuan a month for commuting. What kind of life do these Beipiao lead

What is the real world we live in? Everyone's behavior and language are controlled by their own spiritual world. Others can't perceive and experience it. Is everything we perceive our imagination in the brain? The whole life you've worked for may be a short ten minute journey for others.

In the past, we enrich our knowledge, exercise, visit the world and enjoy life!

Now, but because of the house and doubt life!

When we were young, we all said to be scientists, lawyers and astronauts. Nowadays, the standard to judge a person's success is "how many suites"!

I thought that if I was a programmer, I would be able to waste my life. I didn't expect that one day, it's not a bench! As I grow older, I don't know which day I started to pay more attention to the surrounding affairs. I really miss the carefree days many years ago. I don't think I can study technology as wholeheartedly as I used to. There are always a lot of affairs and obstacles that break into my life and make me unable to focus.

However, over the years, like all Beipiao, I agree with such a truth that we are bathed in the sun and dreaming in the same star river as the pillow, but people's instinct keeps telling themselves that only with more efforts and advantages than others can we have a brighter morning and a sweeter night!

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