I braved the rain and arrived at Lugu Lake, which was covered in clouds and mist. I stood on the observation deck, letting the drizzle hit my face, feeling the coolness. I think of my mother. She once said that she loves this kind of weather the most, likes to walk in the rain, and enjoys the tranquility.

On the observation deck, I met a photographer who also loves photography. We chatted for a while and felt a bit disappointed with today's weather, thinking that we might not be able to take the ideal photos. I gave up shooting in a bit of frustration, leaving the camera in automatic mode and working aimlessly there.

Just as I was about to leave, a beam of light broke through the thick clouds and shone straight on Lugu Lake. The light was like a sharp sword, piercing through the thick mist on the lake and illuminating my heart. The rapidly changing light and shadow in front of me excited me immensely

I quickly returned to the camera, adjusted the parameters, and pressed the shutter. The blending of light and fog makes the beauty of Lugu Lake so vivid at this moment.

The rain is still falling, but my mood has been illuminated by that beam of light. Sometimes, beautiful things require us to patiently wait and discover. And when they finally appeared, all the waiting became worth it.

Today, I waited by the shore of Lugu Lake to witness this beauty and also gained a sense of inner satisfaction.

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