Having not yet regained his senses from the stunning sight of being mistaken by Selin, he unexpectedly met Cuo'e Lake again

Entering Lake Cuo, I feel as if I am surrounded by a lush green ocean. The lake is as green as jade, gradually fading in color from far to near. Due to the clear and bottomless lake water, the scenery at the bottom of the lake is also panoramic, like a vivid picture. In contrast, the lake island appears somewhat overshadowed, with a monotonous earthy color regardless of its shape.

Cuo Lake is famous for its Bird Island and is one of the highest bird islands in the world. The lake is dotted with islands of varying sizes, such as Tiebujiale, Seduogangqian, Angongdi Bu, etc. Among them, Sangle Ri fever is the most eye-catching. These islands are a paradise for birds, inhabited by tens of thousands of various bird species such as brown headed gulls, white winged gulls, terns, etc. These birds soar freely under the blue sky and white clouds, creating a beautiful ecological landscape. The island is lush with vegetation, and plants such as Artemisia annua, nettle, and Artemisia annua are thriving, providing an ideal habitat for birds.

The supernatural craftsmanship of nature has created such a unique sacred mountain and lake, which makes people intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves. I couldn't wait to release the drone, hoping to overlook this beautiful land from the sky.

Under the lens of the drone, Lake Cuo'e presents another charming scene. The lake surface is like a huge green jade, crystal clear, sparkling with charming light. The lake water complements the tiled blue sky and streamlined clouds, creating a beautiful picture. What's even more amazing is that the image outlined by the lake water of varying depths is like a chick about to hatch, giving people a strong visual impact and spiritual shock.

I was piloting a drone to explore around the chicks, but the sudden gust of wind caught me off guard. The surrounding clouds quickly moved towards my direction, and the drone occasionally issued strong wind warnings. I saw the clouds spinning and covering Lake Cuoe, like a giant dragon guarding its companion. If it weren't for my drone disturbing them, disturbing their peace. The grandeur of this scene makes me even more eager for the chicks to hatch from the wrong lake and soar together with the dragon for nine days.

I quickly retrieved the drone and fled here, afraid of provoking this sacred companion and suffering punishment. On the way out of Cuo'e Lake, I kept recalling the scene in my mind, pondering the symbolism of chicks and dragons. Is it a natural coincidence or a guide from some mysterious force?

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