After struggling for a long time, I decided to go to Hainan

I bought a train ticket and broke into Hainan Island. People laugh that Hainan Island is the Northeast Island, and they call it "the fourth province in the northeast" too much, which is to say that there are so many people in the northeast of Hainan Island. So, after arriving in Haikou, I met the first northeast person - bus driver when I took the bus

Because Hainan is an island, I plan to use cycling to complete the roundabout. Soon I came to the inn where I rented a car. The price was 60 yuan a day. I rented a giante, 27 speed, oil saucer.

The people in the inn are rare. After a long stay, they haven't found a companion to walk with. But there are several people who have completed the roundabout. They are like soldiers who have finished military service. Their tanned faces and arms prove their suffering. When they talk about the roundabout, they pat me on the shoulder and tell me, nodding meaningfully, saying, come on!

Maybe it's because my skin is too white. I don't like people who often ride, but in fact, I've been riding for nearly a year I haven't touched a bicycle for such a long time, but I still feel a little beat. To be honest, the purpose of cycling this time is to lose weight and take the opportunity to circle the island

After arranging everything, I had nothing to do, so I took the bus to the holiday beach

Holiday beach is a public beach, around which many public facilities are built, thus forming a seashore park. Across the sea, you can see the Leizhou Peninsula on the mainland. Because it is located in Qiongzhou Strait, surrounded by ports, the sea water is turbid, the water quality is not very good, but it can meet the needs of local people to play in the sea or take photos.

It's so hot that I'm not in the mood to play I saw a little girl sitting in the sea, like an elf in the waves. She came from the sea and wanted to go back to the sea

The old arcade street is a historical symbol. Old Baroque arcades stand on both sides of the road, walking in it. Ordinary people's homes, unknown grocery stores, small coffeehouses, greasy chicken restaurants, snack bars, teahouses, and water bars are full of strong city atmosphere

Shuixiangkou is a snack street, most of which are local soup, rice, pickled noodles and pickled powder. There is also a library at the entrance of the alley. When you are tired, you can go in and rub against the air conditioner. By the way, you can read books

It's almost time to go back when it's dark

Haikou, a low-key city.

It's not a classic tourist city. The beach and sea don't flatter the tourists, and the city streets are less regular. It's usually a transit station for tourists to Sanya. I can't feel the life here is the capital of Hainan

Compared with Sanya, which is located in the same Hainan Island, it is like an old man who has gone through the vicissitudes of life. In the long history, the culture and connotation that it precipitated leaves people in this anxious society no time to understand and pay attention to it. It seems so silent and endless

Early the next morning, I dressed up and rode on the road. My destination was Danzhou.

The weather is overcast. The clouds above tell me that it may rain As expected, before we rode to Haikou City, we began to rain in a regular pattern. Before we got back to Shenyu, it began to rain heavily. The rain was dense like pouring beans, and the earth was covered in an instant.

Fortunately, there is a shelter made of simple supports at the intersection. I quickly hid in the shelter. Not only me, many passers-by are constantly hiding in the rain shelter, when the shelter is full of people, I found that I was caught in a group of locomotives

I think of Taiwan, where I have been, and where the traffic environment is the same. Besides cars, there are also groups of locomotives on the road. On the island, locomotives are more convenient. The only difference is that the locomotives in Taiwan are basically all fuel vehicles, while the locomotives in Hainan are all electric vehicles.

After ten minutes, the crackling rain stopped. Then, the crowd around began to move. I was the only one in the shelter that was full just now!

Continue on the road, ride for half an hour and start to rain

Because in the city cycling, always because to wait for red lights and avoid pedestrians and stop walking, this time, but also because of the rain and waste of time, go out nearly two hours to ride more than 20 kilometers, mood suddenly depressed

Out of Haikou City, the weather gradually clear up, with the gradual evacuation of the clouds, the sun came out, began to spread the light and heat recklessly. The surrounding temperature rises abruptly, the wet ground is quickly dried, and the water vapor fills every gap in the surrounding environment

It's even worse now. When it's hot, there's no wind. It's like I'm in a big sauna. My legs and feet are soft! But if you keep riding for more than ten kilometers, the weather will get gloomy again, and even rain will fall

The change of weather is really random. The passing of each cloud will result in the instantaneous change of yin and Qing. Sometimes I will catch up with a cloud to seek a bit of cool. Sometimes I will watch the boundary of yin and Qing pass by at a speed beyond my expectation. In this way, the temperature is high and low again and again, in addition to entering the mountain area, the road becomes ups and downs, which makes my body unable to work out this year

At noon, I arrived in Chengmai County. I barely had lunch. I went on the road again and found that my legs and feet were not so obedient

The road behind began to undulate more exaggeratively. The steep slopes of one or two kilometers were one by one, and the level road began to become a kind of extravagance. Such a rolling road is more maddening than turning over a mountain. The bitterness in the memory comes with pleasure, and it also becomes hopeless here. Long time no exercise makes my legs can't hold on to continuous climbing. Maybe my muscles have reached the limit of sports, and I'm beginning to change from weakness to swelling pain. I have to bite my teeth and endure every time I pedal

There is no end to the straight and rolling asphalt road, but at this time, I have no energy to enjoy the beautiful scenery around, and I try to keep my spirits up and down in the mountains. When I was three or four kilometers away from Zhongxing Town, I was completely washed by a heavy rain again, which also extinguished the fire of driving me to Danzhou

At the door of a grocery store, under a wide shelter, I was so tired that I got involved with the local people. My cell phone and the power bank had also made an appointment! I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't have mobile navigation in the mountains

I went to the store owner to charge my cell phone, and then I hid and watched the rain outside the shed. An old woman was sitting next to me. She asked me where she came from? What's the job? How much do you make? Did the government send it to work? What are you doing here

My grandma's Mandarin in Hainan sounds a bit laborious. I tried to answer while guessing. I told her that I came from Beijing, but I was not from Beijing. She was surprised that I made a lot of money in my work, but I envied her for being leisurely in the green mountains and waters. No one sent me. Why am I here?

To lose weight? Maybe, to escape from reality!

Grandma lovingly took out two sweet potatoes for me to eat. I was a little surprised. Although I was not very hungry, I also took them and skinned them. After I finished eating, grandma was more energetic. She brought me something to eat and poured me a cup of hot water. At a loss, I didn't know how to refuse her

The rain stopped. Grandma suggested that I stay overnight in Zhongxing town. I can't get to Danzhou today!

This information is too important for me. After leaving Chengmai County, I have never seen a village where I can stay, or even regretted not staying in Chengmai County for a while

Farewell to grandma, after more than half an hour, I finally arrived at Zhongxing town. In the last half an hour, I was once again drenched in the rain. When the wind blew, I felt "cold". Think about the heat, sultry heat and dry heat all day, it's this time and that time

In the hotel, I sit on the bed, I can't remember how many times I was wet by rain that day, I just feel very tired, very tired When I think back to the time when I was around Taiwan, I have also crossed the mountains and suffered heavy rain, but I have never been defeated like this time

If you want to blame yourself, blame yourself for this year of laziness, you don't know what makes you waste, not only the body, everything in life has become waste, I have become a "weak chicken", and even the courage to defeat yourself has disappeared

The news said that there will be a typhoon the next day. I will be affected by the typhoon in the next few days. When I think of rain, I am a little afraid The homework I did before I started told me that the road behind me would be more volatile, so I beat a drum in my heart

I know that as soon as this idea appears, it means that the riding plan will fail. I have self-knowledge of the beginning of anxiety

I think I'm going to give up, maybe I really feel that I can't hold on...

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