Once I started the "Dawn Covenant with My Hometown" project, I didn't want to give up any opportunity to shoot the sunrise. Whenever there was an opportunity with red clouds in the sky, I would not hesitate to pick up my camera and run towards the shooting location.

With the arrival of Hongyun, the filming location is also a key factor. Due to living in another city for many years, I have gradually become unfamiliar with the customs and traditions of my hometown. Finding a suitable filming location has become a challenge. Wenying Lake is the only place where I know how to take photos of sunrise, so I want to do some research on this lake and try to find some scenery around it based on the lake.

So, I spent an afternoon hiking around the lake, not only strolling but also searching for shooting spots. I walk and stop, looking here and taking photos there. My footsteps and gaze are searching for every possible shooting point. And this small pier is one of the discoveries I made during this exploration.

On another morning with a high probability of red clouds, I arrived at the small dock again with excitement and anticipation. I set up the camera, adjusted the angle, and waited for the dawn to fall. I know that the waiting at this moment is the pursuit of beauty, the love for my hometown, and the persistence and obsession with sunrise.

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