In the middle of May, 2017, I started my tour around Taiwan. The most regrettable thing about this tour is that I didn't ride Suhua. After entering the South return road, I was turbid by rain every three or five times. Especially near the Dragon Boat Festival, the plum rain season is coming. When it rains, I don't say that I will encounter landslides. It is also very dangerous to fall rocks frequently. So I gave up Suhua and went to su'ao On the train of, see nearby too Lu Ge cloudy, although have not willing, but helpless!

In addition to the Su Hua Road between Hualian and su'ao, which is replaced by a train, the ride took 9 days, with a total journey of 1006.12 km. The rest 5 days were spent in Riyuetan, Kenting and Taipei. Taipei stayed for 3 days, which was also the most boring 3 days!

But I spent a day riding five mountains at the south end of Taiwan and saw the most beautiful sea. It's worth it

About documents

Since Taiwan has not yet returned, going to Taiwan is tantamount to leaving the country. There are at least two documents needed here: passport and pass for mainland residents to and from Taiwan. These two documents can go to the entry-exit hall where the individual household registration is located, and can be handled with the household registration book; they can also be handled in different places, and there are many documents to be prepared, so the handling process is more complicated.

Handling in different places generally refers to handling in the place of work, because handling entry-exit procedures requires the residence certificate of the mainland: for example, when I work in Beijing, I need to provide the Beijing residence permit (temporary residence permit of the old city Beijing) when I handle the Taiwan pass, and when I handle the Beijing residence permit, I need to provide the local valid residence address, employment, study and other supporting materials.

Interim Regulations on residence permit
Article 9 when applying for a residence permit, the applicant shall submit his / her resident ID card, his / her photo, address of residence, employment, study and other supporting materials to the public security police station of the residence or the community service institution entrusted by the public security organ.
The residence address certificate includes the house lease contract, the house property right certificate, the house purchase contract or the accommodation certificate issued by the house lessor, the employer and the school; the employment certificate includes the business license for Industry and commerce, the labor contract, the labor relationship certificate issued by the employer or other materials that can prove the legal and stable employment; the study certificate includes the student certificate Other materials issued by the school to prove continuous study.

It can be seen that if you are reading a student, it is most convenient to collect proof materials, and you can do everything in the school; if you are employed, you need to provide social security records or tax records for five consecutive years, where social security certificates are easy to get, and you can print them for free when you go to the social security hall of each district with social security card; and the residence address certificate is the copy of the house property right certificate For the printed copy, if it is a house to be rented, the lease contract that is more than six months away from the expiration date of the lease term shall be handled by the police station in the jurisdiction where the house is rented with the ID card and certificate materials.

Before applying for the residence permit, I went to the Internet specially to check it. There is a website that can make an appointment in advance. It turns out that there is no egg use. The process of collecting all the materials is five minutes, which can be handled at any time. But when there are many people queuing up, it's a matter of luck!

After obtaining the residence permit, you can take your ID card, Hukou book and certification materials to the designated entry-exit handling points in each district to handle the exit certificate! The above-mentioned documents usually take about two weeks to obtain evidence. Of course, don't forget to prepare photos. Take two inch photos on a white background, and prepare more!

About visa

When applying for the Taiwan pass, the handling personnel will ask if they want to apply for the visa together, and pay attention to the difference between the tourist visa and the free travel visa. The tourist visa needs to be led by the travel agency, which is equivalent to a group tour. Here I want to apply for the free travel visa (g visa). If you have a Taiwan pass, you need to sign again. Of course, you still need to provide ID card and account book when you handle it. If you handle it in a different place, you need to provide your valid local residence address, employment, study and other supporting materials. Note that the visa is valid for six months and can leave the country at any time within six months after obtaining the visa.

About Taiwan entry certificate

The entry permit is the entry and exit permit of the Taiwan region of the Republic of China. It is a Taiwan entry procedure signed and approved by the Taiwan side. Handling the Taiwan pass and g-sign is that the mainland agrees that individuals can go abroad to Taiwan. Handling the entry permit is that the Taiwan side agrees that individuals can enter Taiwan. The reason is very simple. Both sides agree! The valid period of the entry permit is three months, and the allowed stay period is 16 days and 15 nights. The entry permit will say that the period is 15 days from the entry vertical day, and the vertical day is the next day, so if you arrive early on the first day, you can have an extra day.

The application of the Taiwan entry permit must be handled by the travel agency on behalf of others. If it is not urgent, it will cost about 200 RMB. Taobao will search a lot of things and provide a lot of materials:

  1. Passport for mainland residents to and from Taiwan with a validity period of more than 6 months and personal travel endorsement (g signature)
  2. Copy of ID card (front and back copies on a piece of A4 paper)
  3. Copy of household register (home page, personal page)
  4. Recent 2-inch white background color photo 2 (signature on the back of the photo)
  5. Proof of financial resources (optional)
    A、 The annual income certificate issued by the unit must be over 130000 yuan. (printed on company letterhead and stamped with official seal)
    B、 Color scanning copy of dual currency Gold card credit card (the front of the card must have the name of the cardholder, and be marked with gold, Platinum, and VISA or Master)
    C、 The bank deposit certificate of RMB 50000 or more shall be frozen for more than 3 months.
    Students in school: at least 18 years old students in school, need to provide student card color scanning copy or in reading certificate. Parental consent.
    Note: (the student card must have the official seal of the school, the registration seal of each semester, the registration date, and the parents' consent form should be attached if the student is under 20 years old)

The materials are relatively simple. Of course, apart from the necessary identification, other materials that can't be obtained will cost tens of yuan more than Taobao. After getting the electronic entry permit, printing one copy is enough. It's useless to have more than one copy, because when entering the customs in Taiwan, it will stamp on the pass. Only the stamped pass will take effect. Later, all places that need to issue identity certificates only recognize the stamped pass, usually accommodation registration or car rental registration. The most important thing is to take the plane back to the mainland Need, so don't lose it carelessly!

About back and forth traffic

There are many ways. I have chosen the most convenient plane or ship. There are ships in Pingtan and Xiamen of Fujian that can go directly to Taipei or Taichung. I booked a round-trip ticket from Beijing to Taoyuan about 2000 yuan a month in advance. It seems that it's a bit expensive, but it can be cheaper.

About money

All ATMs and banks in Taiwan use the UnionPay system to settle accounts, that is to say, domestic UnionPay cards can be used in Taiwan, and there will be some handling fees for withdrawing money, which is not much. The first overseas withdrawal of Huaxia bank card every day is free of handling fees, and those who need to save handling fees can carry one.

When I went to Taiwan, I didn't take any money with me. I only took a commercial card. The first thing I got off the plane was to get Taiwan dollars! At the gate of the customer service hall of Taoyuan airport, I found the ATM, took 20000 NT $directly, deducted 4625.56 RMB from the bank card, and calculated the exchange rate at that time as 1:4.4976, excluding the handling fee. I usually divide the money by 5. The reason for taking so much cash is that the mobile payment in Taiwan is not developed. Few Alipay uses WeChat, and if there is a business that specifically deals with land buyers, other cash transactions will be more convenient. In addition to UnionPay cards, the master and visa cards are actually more widely used in Taiwan than UnionPay cards, so if there are any, they are all brought.

About communications

The first thing to get the money is to apply for a phone card and call home to report peace. Taiwan's main mobile communication companies include Taiwan mobile, China Telecom and telefax. They all have 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 day "eat to be full" packages respectively. The so-called "eat to be full" is a phone card with unlimited 4G traffic within the validity period. It's very cost-effective to send a call for a long time, In addition to the weak signal in the mountains, other things are OK, so the signal in the east of Taiwan is not as good as in the West. I stayed in Taiwan for 15 days, so I only focused on the 15 day package

I chose Taiwan mobile phone. The business person who runs the card is a sister, whine and nice. The process of handling the card is very good. After issuing the entry card, I can get the card in a few minutes. I will also take the initiative to replace it for you and stick the mainland card on the instruction manual to prevent loss. The instruction manual has a way to recharge the phone card, which is really portable and convenient.

Taiwan mobile 700NT $15 free Internet + 100nt $call fee
China Telecom 800nt $15 free internet access + 250nt $call fee

About Taiwan's transportation

In the airport hall, you can also apply for a leisure card, which has a wide range of uses, including the use of public transport vehicles in many counties and cities in Taiwan, such as Taipei MRT, railway, bus, ferry, etc., and the cost of roadside parking, parking lot, public bicycle rental, taxi and other transportation related services. In recent years, it can be used in convenience stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, bookstores, gas stations and many other retail stores for small consumption. In addition, the use of leisure card also includes admission tickets for multiple recreational facilities, museums or events, as well as outpatient fees for Taipei City United hospital and new North City United hospital. Public Libraries in Taipei City, Xinbei City, Keelung City, Taichung City, Kaohsiung City and Ilan County are used as loan cards, so this card is required.

Like the mainland, Taiwan's means of transportation only need to be changed. They call the subway the MRT and the public transport the bus. The train is the train. Of course, there are also the high-speed railway. It is mainly distributed in the west of Taiwan, running through the west coast of Taiwan, starting from Nangang, passing through Taipei, Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung and Chang There are 12 stations from Huahua, Yunlin, Jiayi, Tainan to Zuoying, with a total length of 345km and a total time of 2 hours. Taiwan's trains can take bicycles directly to get on, but they need to buy half a ticket. There are special direct carriages, which are very user-friendly.

More details can be seen : Taiwan Island transportation strategy

About tourist attractions

In the process of island ring, most of the scenic spots are free. I have to praise Taiwan for this, but the fees are not very expensive. I only remember that 250 NT $is the most in Taiwan's Forbidden City. In Tainan, the scenic spots are usually 10 ~ 50 NT $. It's good to compare it with domestic scenic spots.

Taiwanese are really selling services, not tickets. The service is also thoughtful and cheap. What surprised me for the first time is that Riyuetan is free. There are bike, boat, bus and other ways around the lake. It is highly recommended that you buy a set ticket of "Taiwan haohang". For this tour, you only need to spend 390nt $to buy a set ticket of Riyuetan water, land and air haohang, which includes a tour around the lake, a bus to Xiangshan, a cable car to and from jiuzu Culture Village, and a coupon for renting a bicycle before. During my tour, I only use the tour around the lake and the cable car to and from jiuzu Culture Village, and return with the set ticket You can buy tickets to the village at a discount. The nine ethnic cultural village is very big. It takes at least two hours to play. But it's late and you can only give up. But I still think it's worth it, especially the cable car. It's very good! It is the first public cable car system operated by build operate own mode in Taiwan, with a total length of 1.877 km. On the way, you can overlook Riyuetan and Puli Basin, with a very impressive view.

Not only Sun Moon Lake, but also Taiwan's good travel project. I remember that when I stayed in Taipei later, I also bought the Beitou route, which was very cost-effective.

The above is just an example to show that scenic spots don't cost much, the point is to eat!

About eating

When it comes to eating, I have to mention that visiting Taiwan night market is the main purpose of many people! There are many snacks in Taiwan, and they are all concentrated in the night market. As for that one, when I chatted with my boss while renting a famous guest, I learned some.

The old Danshui street is full of "iron eggs". Stroll in person. It's just like eating, "a Gei" is a feature. You can try it!

Shilin Night Market is worth visiting. The MRT Shilin station is the only place to go to the Forbidden City and Beitou. Every time you pass by, you will eat a scallion cake. Ha ha!

Liuhe Night Market, a high-speed rail station scenic spot in Kaohsiung - the night market near Meili Island, basically has nothing to eat, mainly for tourists.

Kenting street, mostly for land customers, is expensive and hard to eat. In case of Sunday, you can go to the nearby Hengchun night market, which is the night market of local people. It will only open on Sunday!

There is Keelung night market, recommended by the boss of Kenting homestay. Don't be surprised, that's because the boss is Keelung!

When passing Jiayi, we must have turkey meat meal. Turkey meat meal, mushroom soup and flat fish and cabbage make a total of 90 NT $, delicious and cheap.

When passing by Tainan, we must eat Zhou's shrimp rolls and drink Anping's bean curd. When we first eat shrimp rolls, we also need to eat a complete set of lice, such as lice state for breakfast, lice fish balls for lunch and lice fish soup for night. Lice fish is a tonic, which has been popularized by the old drivers since my first day in Taiwan. Especially this lice fish soup, which is a whole lice fish belly, has fish oil on its belly, a thick layer, is The place where lice are most fragrant has many thorns, but a good cook in Taiwan can extract the whole fish belly's thorns, which is really powerful! Anping Douhua must eat black Douhua. You won't be disappointed. Be careful to have an orgasm~

Passing by Kaohsiung, we must eat ice, regardless of any ice, it's very delicious. I'm such a person who doesn't like mango, and I ordered a mango ice, which is also a pleasure to eat.

Passing by Chi Shang and eating BaoFan, it is located at zhongzhenglu Zhongxiao Road intersection, Chi Shang Township, Taidong. Although the taste is ordinary, the lunch box made of wood chips is very special and inexpensive, 80 NT $!

After passing Guangfu, you must eat ice cream from sugar factory. The sugar factory is hidden in a group of Japanese buildings. You can find it by turning a few corners. There are many flavors of ice cream. You should try if you like sweet food, especially mustard flavor ice cream!

When passing Hualien, we must eat the old fried egg and scallion cake and the Zhou family's buns, especially the bomb scallion cake. The girl selling the cake uses the scallion cake to contain the egg cleverly, and ensures that the egg is still soft. One mouthful of the cake will go down, and the egg liquid will burst in her mouth, but it won't be very hot. One 30nt $, I ate two at a time, with the black sugar fairy grass, don't mention it.

In Taipei, the only thing that makes me feel good is pepper pie, crispy shell and thick meat filling. It's very satisfying to eat!

Others are fried chicken chops, fried apricot and abalone mushrooms, large intestine wrapped small intestine, brine, marinated meat rice, dried meat rice, winter melon tea, black tea, etc., which I have eaten a lot, because they are the most common, especially chicken chops and winter melon tea, which formed my habit of eating night! No good! Let's not talk about chicken chop and apricot abalone mushroom. I found that apricot abalone mushroom is more expensive than chicken chop. Marinated flavor is a kind of snack similar to spicy hot, but there is no spicy flavor, and the table of Taiwanese can hardly see pepper. Taiwan's sweet tea, which has drunk Assam milk tea in the mainland, can taste Assam black tea without milk in Nantou Sun Moon Lake. When buying black tea, I tried winter melon tea, and I marveled at winter Melon tea is better to drink at the same time, but also marvel at the fact that Taiwanese can make tea with winter melon!

In addition, when passing through su'ao, I drank a kind of tea made by mixing the young leaves of Stevia and fragrant marigold. It was very good to drink. After being soaked, the water was green, beautiful and good to drink. It also helped me sleep. I've seen it!

There are also fruits, such as watermelons in Pingtung, mangoes in Tainan, lotus mist in Kenting and Sakya in Taitung. After all, in the tropics, the water head of fruits is abundant and sweet, which is worth tasting.

About accommodation

There are many places to live in, such as hotels, homestays and green tours. After all, a large part of the income of the Taiwanese people comes from tourists. I book accommodation mainly through booking, airbnb and Agoda. Booking is mainly to book all kinds of hotels, with various grades. Agoda is mainly middle and high-end hotels, and airbnb is mainly home stay and hostel Qinglv and so on. It's enough to use these three software.

Room prices fluctuate during holidays. No one is very cheap on weekdays. On weekends, room prices may double. When I arrived in Kenting, I booked a big bed room of 800 NT $a night. On Saturday the next day, it was worth 2500 NT $, especially near the scenic spot. So if you encounter this problem, don't be surprised. If you can't accept it, you can change to a green Brigade.

The rooms in the eastern part of Taiwan are generally cheaper than those in the western part. The bed rooms I used to live in Zhiben town and Yilan Suao town in the eastern part of Taiwan contain only 500 ~ 600 NT $for breakfast, which is the most cost-effective room I have ever lived in. The Italian breakfast in the morning even surprises me!

When visiting Taipei, it is recommended to live in Danshui, which is very close to Taipei. Danshui is convenient to eat and live, and much cheaper than Taipei. In the evening, I wandered around the long Danshui River and the old Danshui street. The sea wind blows over me, which makes me feel more comfortable. It's very fast from Danshui to Taipei by MRT. It can't take an hour, and many scenic spots and night markets are between Danshui and Taipei.

About commemoration

One of the characteristics of Taiwan's tourism is the mobile phone seal. From scenic spots to transportation points in Taiwan, even hotels have the seal. You are welcome to take the book to cover it. Seals can be stamped everywhere in Taiwan. Friends who like to collect seals, please prepare a big book to ensure that you have a full sense of achievement!

About the weather

I went to Taiwan in the middle of May and was about to enter the rainy season, so the weather forecast mostly reported rain, but it didn't fall much. The local people in Taiwan told me that the weather forecast in Taiwan says that rain is probability. It is uncertain whether it will rain much or not, while it is rainy in Taiwan, so it is necessary to take an umbrella when going out.

It is predicted that the rain in the west is relatively stable, because there are fewer mountains and more mountains in the East, it is not certain. When I went up north around the island, I was lucky by the rain almost every day, sometimes several times a day!

This is Taiwan's local weather forecast website:

About transportation

Taiwan, like the mainland, drives on the right and will be fined for violating traffic rules.

Pay attention to the road signs and remember this plum blossom sign. It's a highway. Only cars can get on. Other means of transportation, except cars, can only take provincial, county and township roads.

Even the locomotive can't get on the high speed. If you enter the highway by mistake, the Taiwanese will be kind enough to warn you to find the ramp and go out. But it's not too big, it's still very dangerous.

About girls

As long as it's Taiwanese women, from 99 to just after they leave, they are all soft girls. Pay attention to their address. Especially when they ask others for help, if they feel bigger than themselves and much bigger than themselves, they can call their elder sister, or they will be blinded! I'm a lesson from the past! Whining.

About public security

Taiwan's public security is very good, and the people are very simple. Seeing that the local Taiwanese don't lock their cars, I never lock them when I have a rest and dinner, but don't rule out that there are bad people.

When I was in Keelung, I met an old man who reminded me not to do so in the future. Although Taiwan's public security is good, it's not what you think. But then my trip around the island was almost over, so I came here safely!

About supplies

There are convenience stores all over Taiwan, which are convenient for eating and resting. The west is flat, densely populated, with many distribution points and many mountains in the East. If you want to take the mountain line, please take enough water before entering the mountain!

Taiwan's police stations, which appear on the route around the island, are called "iron horse Posthouse". They can fill water and rest free of charge, ask for directions, find food when hungry, and rub rice. Of course, there is nothing delicious, just instant noodles, no place to live, or rub. But they have to bring tents! Anyway, it's the old saying: if you have difficulties, find the police!

About car rental

Cycling Island

If you don't bring your own bike, you can contact Taiwan's jieant store by email to book a car rental. There are many stores in Taiwan, which support a to borrow and return.

I contacted Danshui's car rental shop through wechat, and the one who received me was a chubby girl. Haha, I think it's pretty good. The price is not expensive. Their website :

Locomotive roundabout

No matter rent a locomotive or a car, it needs a driver's license. Taiwan does not recognize the mainland's driver's license, but recognizes the international driver's license. The mainland can't directly apply for an international driver's license. After checking many information on the Internet, we know that we can first apply for a Hong Kong driver's license through universal Taobao, and then apply for an international driver's license.

The locomotives here are diesel locomotives that burn oil. The rent is about 400 - 800nt $/ day. There is also an electric locomotive, which can be rented without a driver's license. It's specially prepared for tourists. It's available in every city. It's suitable for short distance, that is to say, it can only be played within the range of 20-30 kilometers. When I was in Kenting, the owner of the house and lodging recommended me to rent one. It's 700NT $a day. It's not too much to ring Kenting and Hengchun in one day Shuang!

About routes

Conventional roundabout
The big circle is the choice of most cyclists. The total length is about 1200km, which takes 10-15 days. It is mainly a small circle of trunk lines, and the north and south ends are changed to tai2 line and tai26 line. The itinerary covers the whole island of Taiwan. The time is relatively loose. You can enjoy the local customs of Taiwan.

Fast Island circle
A small circle around the island, with a total length of about 1000km, usually takes 7 days to complete. The challengers who emphasize speed and aim to complete the fast circle are mostly used. The route mainly consists of line 1 and line 9, passing the northernmost and southernmost ends.

Leisure East Coast
If you just want to enjoy the ride, go to the east coast. This is the most beautiful route around the island in Taiwan. The whole journey from Taipei to Kenting is about 600km, and you can enjoy the slow ride.

Mountain route
The mountain line mainly consists of "three horizontal and one vertical lines". The three horizontal lines are the three major cross roads in Taiwan: the North horizontal, the middle horizontal and the South horizontal roads, while the first vertical line is the North-South vertical line formed by the middle horizontal Yilan branch line, the middle horizontal Wushe branch line, the new middle horizontal road and the Alishan road. The three horizontal and one vertical routes cross the mountain system of central mountain, snow mountain and Yushan Mountain, which is one of the first choices for some cyclists and team players. It is not recommended for novices and beginners to try alone without experienced leaders and sufficient supplies.

That is to say, the small o, big O and 8-shaped routes that can be randomly combined around the island, of course, the most exciting one is the 8-shaped route, among which it is the most difficult to cross the longitudinal line twice.

The main route I chose is the West Taiwan line 2 and the East South return road plus Huadong zonggu. The specific route is as follows:

1.Danshui ⇒ Taoyuan ⇒ Hsinchu ⇒ Miaoli ⇒ Taichung 193.15km


On the first day around the island, I got up early and started at about 6 o'clock. It was a smooth journey. I arrived in Hsinchu at 10:30 at noon. The temperature around me was rising gradually, which made me feel uncomfortable. Most of the strategies on the Internet were to rest in Hsinchu. I also suggest that we consider starting later on the first day and then resting in Hsinchu.

Since I arrived too early, I had to rest at 7-11 in Hsinchu until 1:00 p.m. before I set out for Taichung. From my own experience, if I want to arrive near Taichung on the first day, I suggest that I should go to Lugang along the west coast. It's very wise to go to Lugang. First, Lugang is a very famous classic. Second, I'd like to talk about the difficulties I encountered in advancing into Taichung:

Before starting from Danshui, Google map told me that it was 167 kilometers away from Taizhong railway station. When I started from Xinzhu, I had already traveled more than 80 kilometers, and there was still half the way left. I feel that there is no problem!

After passing by the LAN palace in Dajia Town, I went to gaomei wetland to have a look at the sunset of the wetland before the arrival of the evening. However, people are not sure. It rained on the road near the gaomei wetland. There is no way to see the gaomei wetland in the rain. So I changed my route to Taichung railway station. I'm going to Taiwan railway station because I'm going to Riyuetan the next day. It's convenient to take a bus near the station.

After that, when I arrived at the Qingshui District of Taichung, the code table showed 170 kilometers. I thought it was about to arrive at the destination, but I went there. In front of Daya District, there was nearly one kilometer of viaduct steep slope. In order to climb the slope, I had to eat milk. I was scared to go up. I waited for an 8% slope that I couldn't see. I knelt instantly. The road sign in Taiwan is really true Great, let me despair at the same time, but also tell me the slope of this road has 8%, let me die clearly.

Finally, I entered the urban area, crossed the Taichung railway station, and finally found the rest point of Taichung railway station. It was 193 kilometers

2.Taichung ⇒ Zhanghua ⇒ Yunlin ⇒ Jiayi ⇒ Tainan 169.25km


The next day, everything was smooth except for the heat!

3.Tainan ⇒ Kaohsiung 46.55km


This day's trip is so short, because I want to enjoy delicious food in Tainan! So set aside the morning and noon time to eat in Tainan!

4.Kaohsiung ⇒ Fangliao ⇒ Checheng ⇒ Hengchun ⇒ Kenting 105.41km


Before arriving at Checheng, you will see an Viaduct leading into the mountains. If you don't go to Kenting, you are suggested to have a rest in Checheng for one night. You can go to Taidong directly through this bridge the next day.

5.Kenting ⇒ geeluan nose ⇒ Manchuria ⇒ gangzai ⇒ Xuhai ⇒ Shouka ⇒ Taimali ⇒ Zhiben 146.58km


This is the first day to go north. The intensity of the route is very strong. Shouka TieMa post station is the first milestone on the route. It will let you experience the feeling of rising from 0 to 500!

Generally, riders will choose to return to Fenggang, from tai9 line to dashuka, or to Checheng, from 199 line to dashuka. The most intense is to pass through Manzhou, gangzai and Xuhai, pass tai26 and 200 line, then return to tai26 line, then ride from 199a to 199 line, and finally arrive at Shouka. Taiwan 26 will break the line because, among them, the area is Taiwan's original tribal nature reserve, which is protected by government regulations!

I chose the third route. Before I reached Xuhai, I had already crossed two mountains. I mistakenly entered the Gaoshi tribe on line 200. After being reminded by the Gaoshi people, I found that there was no way to go, so I had to go back to line 200. It seems that some short-cut routes are better not to copy!

Therefore, to choose the route according to your own situation, we have to say that the sea of Aberdeen is very beautiful!

Finally, there is a fourth route. You can directly cross the most difficult route. You can take a boat from Kenting to Lanyu, and then take a boat from Lanyu to Taitung.

6.Zhiben ⇒ ikeshang ⇒ Yuli ⇒ Ruisui 94.28km


I chose to go to Ruisui because when I arrived at Zhiben, it was very late and I didn't go to the hot spring. I also wanted to enjoy the hot spring when I arrived at Ruisui this day. When booking the room of Ruisui hot spring, I saw a comment saying that the hot spring is located on the hillside. I don't think so, but actually I found that the road is too steep! When I found Ruisui hot spring, my legs were too soft to walk! The water quality of Ruisui hot spring is chloride carbonate spring. It is yellow and turbid due to its rich iron ore. It is commonly known as "golden soup". It's so powerful that it can't stand to soak for minutes.

It takes courage to climb to Ruisui hot spring, but not physical strength. It's better to book a hotel at the foot of the mountain.

7.Mizuho ⇒ Guangfu ⇒ Hualien ⇒ Su'ao 79.13km


On a day of leisure, Ruisui leaves for recovery, eats ice cream to rest, and then goes to Hualien. It's very easy to go to Hualien. It's basically a flat road. I feel like riding in the west is coming back!

As it rained every day, we considered to give up the ride between Hualien and Suo Hua Road and change it to a train. After an hour, we arrived at suo'ao town.

It's a pity that, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, on the train to su'ao, I saw the dark clouds near the taroku Pavilion. Although I was unwilling, I had no choice!

In su'ao bubble after su'ao cold spring, bought 300 NT $of brine, eat out!

8.Su'ao ⇒ Yilan ⇒ sanmink horn ⇒ Keelung 109.44km


On this day, I can get to Keelung on the taiji-2 line according to the original plan, but when I got to Gongliao District, I turned to taiji-2-c line, not because I lost my way, but because I checked the map and found that taiji-2-c line was closer, I forgot the Taiwanese's warning, saying that it was easier to rain in the mountains, and as a result, I met the biggest rain of the trip, and I was completely drenched. Moreover, taiji-2-c line was a mountain line, which was inevitable When you go to the climbing Road, please don't take the country road. It's very steep, so it's recommended to take line 2 along the coast.

9.Keelung ⇒ Jinshan ⇒ Shimen ⇒ Sanzhi ⇒ Danshui 62.33km


When you go out of Keelung, you will encounter climbing. It's not strong, but it's not comfortable. So get ready. This is the last day!

Riding Tips:

In the process of island ring, half of the journey will encounter headwinds, so be prepared!

Other recommendations:

Cycling around Taiwan Tips

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