Leaving the Nujiang Grand Canyon, I drove my vehicle alone, circling up the muddy road. This road used to be a route that only off-road vehicles could challenge, but now I am driving a family two wheel drive SUV and recklessly breaking in.

This is not because the roads are built well, but because I have a reckless heart. Next, I will reach the first pass at an altitude of 4636 meters - Xiongzhula Pass, which is also the pass with the most bends.

The cold and rugged mountains complement the winding roads, creating a thrilling off-road experience. When I arrived at the Xiongzhula Pass, I turned around and looked back at the path I had taken. It is like a giant python, winding and winding around the mountains. Its surface is covered with gravel and sand, with scattered bullet pits dotted around it, causing a jolt and shaking whenever vehicles pass by. This kind of bumpiness not only tests the suspension system of the vehicle, but also tests my patience and skills.

Most turns are relatively easy to handle as long as the speed is slowed down appropriately. However, as the altitude continues to rise, the oxygen content in the surrounding air gradually decreases, which puts increasing pressure on car engines. After each turn and deceleration, it is difficult to increase power again.

When the car crosses the snow line, the road becomes more muddy and slippery under the erosion of melted snow water. Several times during turns, the engine stalled due to lack of oxygen, which was extremely frustrating. What's even more frustrating is that as I get closer to the pass, there are more bullet pits at the turning point, which adds great difficulty to me as a driver.

In the end, I climbed to the Xiongzhula Pass. On Xiongzhula Mountain, the spectacular snow capped peaks come into view. They are like huge sculptures standing quietly between heaven and earth. These snow capped peaks exude a mysterious and majestic aura, which makes people feel awe inspiring. Their peaks are covered in white snow, and the sunlight reflects a dazzling light, emitting a mysterious and majestic atmosphere.

The beautiful scenery before me temporarily made me forget the hardships along the way, and my heart was filled with admiration and awe for nature. Standing at the top of this high mountain, I am amazed by the grandeur of nature and also moved by my own insignificance.

Despite facing many challenges, I still firmly drove forward. The reliability of the car exceeded my expectations. It made me cherish the beauty in front of me more every time I overcame difficulties, and also made me more confident in my abilities.

Remembering the hesitation before setting off, I couldn't help but sigh that challenges are like a pony crossing a river. Only by personally trying them can we truly understand the taste of it. When facing the unknown, we cannot just stay in imagination and fear, but must bravely take the first step. Only in this way can we gain growth and experience, and appreciate those unique landscapes.

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