Recently, as a core employee of the company, I attended the enterprise training course organized by the company.

This training, for three days, the boss is generous and takes up working time to provide everyone with the opportunity to learn and promote. However, I refuse to accept it in my heart. The reason is that before the training, the company's leaders have organized an internal training, which is an internal training for the untrained employees led by the company's leaders I am one of the untrained employees in the internal training.

In the process of internal training, I mentioned a word - "call of life", which I didn't hate. I agree with the meaning of the word, just like sometimes we think about the truth of life, the meaning of life, and what is the purpose of coming to the world

The speaker asked everyone to look for their own life call and express it. Everyone thought of "love" and "delivering love". I think this may be a consensus between human beings and people!

The speaker carefully built a frank field, explored the psychological bottom line of the interviewees for the reason of helping them to find the call of life, and forced the interviewees to tell the truth for the reason of finding the call of life faster. In the catalytic effect of the environment, some colleagues with weak will said the secret hidden in their hearts, causing their own pain, even tears! When some colleagues say the softest part of my heart, my heart can't help but fluctuate. I have a complex mood to participate in the internal training of the enterprise. I feel sorry for my colleagues, but I also feel that there is something wrong with such enterprise training

After all, the speaker is just the leader of the company, maybe the ability of speech, or the depth of knowledge understanding. I think the effect of internal training is not good. This time, with curiosity about the course, I want to see how the real lecturer teaches.

We came to the training institute and started a three-day closed course. The audience are all "elites" selected by the boss from all sectors of the group. A large number of people don't know each other. Before the lecture, they learned that half an hour earlier was due to the morning meeting. Everyone gathered around to talk about their "life call" and "corporate mission". Then they also talked about what kind of "field" will be built on the day of learning

At the early meeting, the lecturers began to explore the "fundamental intention" of the founders of the enterprise from the "call of life" to the "mission" and "ten-year vision" of the enterprise, and finally summed up the "blueprint" of the enterprise

The lecturer stressed that people should follow their own "call of life", on this basis, link the world, link others, link the "mission" and "ten-year vision" of the enterprise, and "align the views" to achieve the "blueprint" of the enterprise! Even if you have different opinions, you should also learn to put them down and implement the goal of "consensus alignment" from actions. Those different opinions are all generated by the generation of "views", but the generation of "views" is due to their "fundamental intention", that is, the "call of life" is not linked to the "mission" of the enterprise

The lecturer advocates "active participation" and emphasizes that the first step to express "participation" is to raise your hand and don't care if you want to think clearly. The students who are called to ask questions, because they haven't thought about it well, will first enter a short period of brain blank. Then they will be asked some questions. They will answer in a daze. Then they will be interrupted and denied by the lecturer. They will gradually lose themselves. When they wait for the lecturer to give them a correct answer, they sometimes show the appearance of Epiphany

The lecturer divides human cognition into "know what you know", "know what you don't know" and "don't know what you don't know". The lengthy and boring course is explained as: we are exploring the unknown in the known cognition, and the process of exploring the unknown must be hard! When a lecturer meets an answer that cannot be explained or violates his / her thinking system, he / she will immediately interrupt the questioner and give examples to others, or that is the inevitable problem in the exploration of "unknown unknown unknown"! This "don't know don't know" has become a magic weapon for lecturers to explain questions

Every time a lecturer asks a question, it will be less than ten or twenty minutes and more hours! From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., there are assignments after class. We need to continue to discuss in groups until we go to sleep!

In the face of such a single information source for a long time, the lecturer creates group pressure, puts pressure on the surrounding people, peers, etc. to influence each other, and puts people in a high emotional state, enables the physiology to control the psychology, enables the emotion to defeat the reason, disrupts people's thinking ability, causes people to passively accept information, uses people's self-discipline consciousness, and makes people make some commitments through various means such as deception and pressure Nuo, I can't help but think of a word - brainwashing!

A few simple questions can be spent in "exploration" for a large period of time by asking a few students. In addition to the expensive tuition, this is a very simple truth, but it is highly recommended by these private entrepreneurs, which can not help but make me sigh! How do these people get along with these big bosses?

A large part of the exploration in the course is to create a corporate culture for the enterprise. The corporate culture I understand is actually the boss culture, and the boss culture is not the boss's education background. The formation of this culture is like planting trees, watering, fertilizing, weeding and pruning. The boss and the enterprise grow together. This process is difficult and long

Take the bosses in China as an example, especially those who started businesses in the 1980s and 1990s. They are basically a group of people who can't enter the system. Some of these people are not of high cultural level, but they are smart, experienced, and can do business. From starting from scratch to growing up an enterprise, they have a new requirement for the quality of the boss, with the exception of the outsiders of the seven aunts and eight aunts, And these bosses are impatient with boring management courses, and they are not reassured by the monks who are invited to study scriptures. Then such courses came into being.

The biggest drawback of education in China is utilitarian indoctrination education. Such education can quickly cultivate skilled tools with certain expertise. Once the tool as a human attribute awakens, it will go through complex and repeated entanglements in self-identity, emotional identity and social identity. Even if you are a successful entrepreneur in China, it may just mean that you are superior in business expertise, not in your emotions, but in your spiritual pursuit.

The course has caught the weakness of the enterprise family. In the background of the lack of belief and values in the whole era, they build a virtual paradise for their hearts with the help of religious techniques. The lecturer mentioned that all employees exist for the realization of the founder's "fundamental intention". In the process of realization, they need to identify with the founder's intention of "consistent alignment", not recognize it It's not right to regard it as the only source of truth in the company. Moreover, in order to cater to the impetuous psychology of many enterprises, we have invented a more authentic business model for them, and integrated their resources into a larger business blueprint. Some successful cases seem to let them really see the future in the short term.

Most of them are small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. They are not all blind followers. Maybe they come with a purpose. The purpose of their application is nothing more than the confusion of the enterprise's future. They want to turn employees into money making machines with the help of spiritual force! Or in the process of making money, the hearts of the enterprises begin to lack of support. Making money can solve people's material needs, but can't solve people's spiritual pursuit.

Not only that, the course first draws on the secrets of successful learning and training, and needs to create a huge field and a large number of students. If only one-to-one teaching is adopted, the teaching quality will drop sharply, because there is no resonance effect of the field. In fact, this is not a new mode. Considering the field effect in the process of MLM, people often lose self-consciousness in the group and become a part of the whole. When you come to the training course with skepticism, you can doubt the lecturer, but you can doubt the company leader, or people with the same temperament as you are crazy about a lecturer? All people will interact and infect in this scene, and gradually enter into a state of expectation. It is very difficult for people to always be rational. When people are in a group, they often give up their independent will and give up the power of the group. This is deeply described in the mob written by the French more than 100 years ago.

Once he identifies the "link" between "call of life" and "enterprise", he will gradually develop a logic vortex, involving his thinking in things related to the enterprise. For different people, different levels of understanding and different effects of understanding are not the theoretical system is wrong, but your realm is not reached, so further learning and practice of "link" is needed!

In the course of teaching, the lecturer will frequently ask questions and ask everyone to raise their hands. If they don't raise their hands in the crowd, it means they don't "actively participate". It really needs courage. Especially when you find that the students around you seem to be engaged with clear expressions, you will soon become like them. The lecturer uses this symbolic question once and again, which makes the trainees have to establish a following position. He does not ask: "what are your different opinions on this question?" Instead, I use "raise your hand when you understand this sentence?" To guide students to give up psychological resistance is actually to use the superposition of psychological threshold effect and herd effect, to guide you to identify with small problems, gradually enlarge through the crowd, and then gradually eliminate your resistance and judgment to all his words, because thinking about his words with logic is not in line with common sense.

There is also an extremely powerful weapon in the curriculum system, that is, to break away from the logic system and talk about phenomena directly. Instead of explaining phenomena with theory, he explains phenomena with phenomena and even answers questions with questions. This kind of course system is intuitive and easy to understand, sometimes it makes people have a sense of Epiphany, but it can not be handed over to other people's real thinking system. Because they know that their courses are not oriented to knowledge or common sense, such courses need to face the challenge of logic. So he stressed that what he said was Tao, great love, the ultimate law of the universe, and the integration package of all grand and vast virtual concepts.

In fact, some excellent and successful entrepreneurs have rich experience in society and business, but they are ignorant of religion, wisdom, psychology and training theory. In the past, our country defined religion as superstition, so that we never had contact with the real religion, and our country's education also refused to teach us the spirit of independent thinking and questioning, which may be the origin of such courses.

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