I stayed at home for a long time last year, but never got up early to watch the sunrise. It wasn't until autumn that I drove back home from Guangdong and went to Wenying Lake for the first time to capture the morning glow of my hometown.

With the plan to shoot the morning glow, I felt a little excited and couldn't wait to wake up at 4am. I walked out of the house with a star above my head and arrived at my destination in less than half an hour by car.

Walking onto the observation deck, I saw the water surface of Wenying Lake calm like a mirror. I thought to myself that the reflection of the morning glow on the water surface would be very shocking later. The lake surface of Wenying Lake is very wide, so I changed the lens to 14-24mm and chose the focal length of 14 to express my confidence in the brilliant morning glow.

Everything was ready, and I realized that it was not yet five o'clock and there was still over an hour before sunrise. Helplessly, I could only stand on the side, my eyes empty, and I was dazed for a while.

Finally, a faint light began to appear on the horizon. The clouds in the sky are like thin gauze, and it feels very suitable to be ignited by the sunset. I think it won't be long before the morning glow will burn.

As expected, the red morning glow spread outwards like flames, instantly staining the entire world red. The color of the glow becomes increasingly intense, interweaving orange red, rose red, and purple red. It changes endlessly, sometimes like flowing ribbons dancing in the air, sometimes like brilliant flowers blooming in the sky.

When the sun finally rises from the horizon, dyeing the entire lake surface a golden hue. Looking at this familiar land, I couldn't help but feel a surge of emotion in my heart: the morning glow is still the hometown red. And the morning glow at that moment added a unique charm to it.

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