Tomorrow, I will take the 3:00 a.m. flight to Taiwan, the treasure island of our motherland. I will carefully study the plans prepared for a few days and have made reference for my trip to Taiwan.

Get ready:

  • Certificates: passport, ID card, bank card, visa credit card, Taiwan pass, free travel visa (g signature for 15 days and 16 nights), entry permit
  • Clothing: riding clothes, gloves, helmets
  • Electronic equipment: SLR, GoPro, mobile phone, power bank


  • Day0: Taoyuan Airport → Danshui
  • Day1: Danshui → Taichung railway station
  • Day2: Taichung → Sun Moon Lake
  • Day3: Sun Moon Lake → Alishan
  • Day4: Alishan → Jiayi → Taichung
  • Day5: Taichung → Tainan
  • Day6: Tainan → Kenting
  • Day7: Kenting
  • Day8: Kenting → Taitung
  • Day9: Taidong → Ruisui
  • Day10: Mizuho → Hualien
  • Day11: Hualien → su'ao
  • Day12: su'ao → Keelung
  • Day13: Keelung → Danshui → Taipei
  • Day14: Taipei
  • Day15: go home

Day0: Taoyuan Airport → Danshui

Get off the plane and check in before going to luggage:

  1. Telephone card:
    Taiwan mobile 700NT $15 free Internet + 100nt $call fee
    China Telecom 800nt $15 free internet access + 250nt $call fee
  2. Youth card:
    It is specially for the youth aged 15-30 at home and abroad to issue Youth Tourism cards. Those who hold the cards can enjoy many preferential policies such as scenic spot tickets, transportation, accommodation, food and shopping. You can apply for the youth travel card free of charge at Taoyuan International Airport, tourism service center of Tourism Bureau and other places by presenting valid identity documents.
  3. Leiyou card:
    The scope of use includes the cost of public transport vehicles that can be used in many counties and cities in Taiwan, such as Taipei MRT, railway, bus, ferry, etc., and the cost of roadside parking, parking lot, public bicycle rental, taxi and other transportation related services. In recent years, it can be used in convenience stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, bookstores, gas stations and many other retail stores for small consumption.
    In addition, the use of leisure card also includes admission tickets for multiple recreational facilities, museums or events, as well as outpatient fees for Taipei City United hospital and new North City United hospital. Public Libraries in Taipei City, Xinbei City, Keelung City, Taichung City, Kaohsiung City and Ilan County are used as loan cards.

Then go to Danshui car rental (riding around the world) to pick up the car. Transportation mode:

  1. Take a taxi directly to the store, about 50 points
  2. Take bus 1356b to Yuanshan transfer station. Transfer to Taibei station or take MRT to Danshui station for about 90 minutes
  3. Take the MRT to the airport, MRT to Taipei station, transfer to the fresh water line, and get off at Danshui station, about 90 minutes

Address: No.8, nose street, Danshui District, Xinbei city (right side of MRT station)
TEL:02-2626-3428 0927-007-561

Tamsui Old Street Hotel (Taipei International Youth Hotel):
Address: No. 22, Sanmin street, Danshui District, Xinbei City, near Zhongzheng road.

To settle down, you can go to a drop of water memorial hall, Danjiang middle school and Danshui Red Mansion before sunset. When dusk comes, you can visit fisherman's Wharf, Danshui old street and lover's bridge

Day1: Danshui → Taichung railway station

Main route: Highway 61

Fresh water out, find No. 61 coastal road has been galloping to gaomei wetland, and then into Taichung. It's a long way around here to pass the gaomei wetland!

Day2: Taichung → Sun Moon Lake

Send the car to Taichung and take the passenger transport to Riyuetan Pool

  1. The "Taiwan Express" has direct buses from Taichung Gancheng station, Taichung railway station and Taichung high speed railway station to Riyuetan.
    Taiwan's haohang Riyuetan line (Taichung Jinan University Riyuetan) runs from 08:00 to 17:00 every hour on weekdays.
    Driving time from Taichung Gancheng station to Riyuetan is 1 hour and 40 minutes.
    There will be two extra buses during the holiday, and some of them will pass through the jiuzu culture village.
    Bus Info:
    The one-way ticket price from Taichung to Riyuetan is NT $217, and the preferential ticket price is NT $190.

  2. Nantou 6670 (Taichung Puli jiuzu Riyuetan) direct train runs on the national highway for 20-30 minutes, and also passes through Taichung Gancheng station, Taichung railway station and Taichung high speed railway station.
    Driving time from Taichung Gancheng station to Riyuetan is 1 hour and 50 minutes.
    Take the high-speed railway, please get off at [Wu RI Taichung Station] and transfer to Nantou passenger transport to Riyuetan. The driving time from Taichung high-speed railway station to Riyuetan is about 1.5 hours.
    Passenger timetable query
    NT $190 for Taichung to Riyuetan, NT $95 for half.

Day3: Sun Moon Lake → Alishan

If you can book a direct ticket from Riyuetan of Yuanlin passenger transport company to Alishan, Day2 can stay in Riyuetan at night. If you can't, you can go back to Taichung, and then you can go to Alishan from Taichung the next day, you can stay in Alishan at night, you can enjoy fireflies, and you can see the sunrise of Alishan the next day!

  1. Yuanlin Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. has set up a 6739 operation route from Riyuetan to Alishan, connecting the two scenic spots from Riyuetan to Alishan into a line. There are two round trips and four flights every day.
    The first flight departs from Riyuetan at 08:00 in the morning. It is scheduled to arrive at tataga at 09:30, stop for 30 minutes, and then leave for Alishan at 10:00. The time to arrive at Alishan is about 10:40. Along the way, passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Alishan line with tourism services.
    At 09:00 on the second shift, we will stop at Xinyi farmers' Association and tataga to Ali Mountain at 12:50. For the cooperation between Xinyi farmers association and Nantou passenger transport, 10% discount will be offered to all passengers who hold the ticket to Xinyi Farmers Association for shopping.
    At 13:00 and 14:00 on the way back from Alishan to Riyuetan, Xinyi farmers association and tataga will stop. The one-way travel time of this line is about 180 minutes.
    Ticket price: from Riyuetan to Alishan, full ticket NT $350.

  2. Alishan is 75KM east of Jiayi city. From Taichung to Alishan, you usually take public transportation to Jiayi, and then transfer to Alishan by bus.
    Taiwan Railway + passenger transportation: the ticket price from Taichung to Jiayi Ziqiang is NT $224, which takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes. Ju Guang ticket price NT $172, takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes, almost every 10 minutes there is a car, very convenient. Then take the Alishan line bus from Jiayi railway station to Alishan, about 3 hours. The journey from Taichung to Alishan will take at least 4 hours and 10 minutes without considering traffic jams and other factors.
    High Speed Rail + passenger transportation: it takes about 25 minutes to take the high-speed rail from Taichung to Jiayi. There is a train almost every 10 minutes, which is fast and convenient. There are few buses from Jiayi high speed railway station to Alishan, so you can also take the shuttle bus from the high speed railway station to Jiayi station and get off at the back station, then transfer from Jiayi station to Alishan, and the whole driving time from Jiayi high speed railway station to Alishan is about 3 hours. The journey from Taichung to Alishan will take at least 3.5 hours without considering traffic jams and other factors.
    Passenger transportation: take Guoguang passenger transportation 1870 from Taiwan, China, Korea and Malaysia station to Jiayi railway station, then transfer to Alishan. The whole ride is about 1 hour 30 minutes + 3 hours = at least 4 and a half hours.
    Therefore, it is concluded that the fastest transportation mode from Taichung to Alishan without considering the cost is high-speed rail + passenger transport, followed by self driving, Taiwan Rail + passenger transport, and finally passenger transport.

    Stay in Alishan at night and watch the sunrise the next morning!

Day4: Alishan → Jiayi → Taichung

After watching the sunrise of Alishan Mountain, you can return to Taichung via Jiayi. You can enjoy chicken rice and bamboo tube rice by the way
After returning to Taichung, you can go to Donghai University, Rainbow Village, Dajia (taro snack and Zhenlan Palace) and Fengjia night market in the afternoon.

Day5: Taichung → Tainan

Main route: Central highway station line 19

Taichung out, take a long way to Lugang, Lugang Tin Hau palace, and then find Taiwan line 19 South.

Due to the short time, Tainan and Kaohsiung are skipped by me. If you arrive in Tainan earlier, you can visit Tainan.

Day6: Tainan → Kenting

Main route: Ping'e line

When Tainan comes out, it will pass Pingdong and then go south along pinge highway.

Day7: Kenting

Kenting is a convalescent resort. You can play with water! It's also exciting to experience yachts in Kenting, mainly in houbi lake.
There are at least four ways to play houbi Lake:

  1. During the flying fish season in April and may, you can take a yacht to watch cetaceans in the open sea, or go to the sea to play with parasols, banana boats, aquatic motorcycles, sailboats and other aquatic activities.
  2. Go snorkeling near the breakwater at the outlet of the third nuclear power plant, especially in the production season of the coral reef, and the underwater scenery will surely give you endless aftertaste.
  3. Go to the small beach near waihoubi lake. It has a unique beach rock terrain and a very quiet environment. It's a good place for lovers to walk and pick up shells.
  4. Go to the Taidian South exhibition hall near the wharf. The exhibition hall is open for free at present. The three big windmills in it give people a very leisurely feeling. They are also famous landmarks in Kenting. Many players will take photos with windmills as the background.

Day8: Kenting → Taitung

Main route: Line 9 of Nanhui highway platform

Kenting came out. He went through e'luanbi park early in the morning, took photos and turned back to the north.

Day9: Taidong → Ruisui

Main route: tai9 line

Choose line 9 to Ruisui ranch, because there is no need to worry about the coast. The Suhua road will see Taiwan's most spectacular sea, and this line will pass through donghuazonggu to feel the beauty of the valley.

Day10: Mizuho → Hualien

Main route: Line 9, donghuazonggutai

After the mountain road comparison, but also for the later Suhua road to prepare, slow down a little schedule, to Hualian enjoy, eat coffin, scallion cake

Day11: Hualien → su'ao

Main route: Suhua Road, tai9 line

Suhua road is dangerous, but you can see clear water cliff and endless Pacific Ocean.

Day12: su'ao → Keelung

Main route: tai2 line

From su'ao, go to Keelung after the easternmost point of Taiwan.

Day13: Keelung → Danshui → Taipei

Main route: tai2 line

This is the last day around the island. Take a detour along tai2 to return the car to Danshui, then take a passenger trip to Taipei, travel to Taipei, Shilin Night Market, Ximen Town, Taipei 101 and the Forbidden City.

Day14: Taipei

Go to Yangmingshan to see the sunrise and sunset in Taipei.

Yangmingshan tour route: Yangmingshan Station - > tourist center - > scout Station - > Zhuzhou Lake Station 1 - > Meteorological Station - > Yangming Bookstore - > Zhuzhou Lake police station - > Dinghu Mountain Park Station - > qixingshan mountain - > saddle - > erziping - > small oil pit - > Zhonghu Lake - > Dream Lake - > Dream Lake parking lot - > LENGSHUIKENG (to qingtiangang) - > qingtiangang - > LENGSHUIKENG (to Yangmingshan) - > LENGSHUIKENG tourist service station (to Yangmingshan station) - > Songyuan Station - > silk waterfall Station layout - > Yangmingshan station

Day15: go home

Pack up and go home!

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