In Hani Language, "azhenko" is a place where slippery bamboos form a forest. It is located in Honghe Hani terrace world cultural heritage core reserve, Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It has a history of 210 years.

At present, there is a well preserved "four elements isomorphism" ecosystem, unique Hani Traditional Folk Houses and long Hani Traditional Culture, which makes azuke a traditional village one of the third batch of national traditional villages and one of the five key villages in the application for the world heritage of Honghe Hani terrace.

Many tourists who come to Yuanyang terrace will talk about their traditional building - mushroom house when they mention azuke.

The mushroom house of azuke is actually a adobe house. Because the village is located at a high altitude and the climate is humid and rainy, the traditional adobe house is easy to leak, so they improved it and built a roof with thatch on all sides. Because it looks very like mushrooms, it is called "mushroom house"!

These mushroom houses are relatively close to each other, and the floor area is not very large. They are usually multi-storey structures. Generally, a platform will be set aside on the second floor as a drying platform to dry grains. Because they are in a place with high mountains and steep slopes, and there is not enough flat land as a sun farm, every family will set aside such a space on the second floor to dry grains.

The water of azuke well comes from the mountain spring water on the mountain. Hani calls it shanshenshui. The water quality of shanshenshui is very clear. Hani people make a whole row of wells and specially design the outlet, which is also very interesting.

There are several thousand year old trees standing in the ancient tree square. Some ancient trees have a lot of nodules and look very strange. The heart of some ancient trees has disappeared, but they still maintain tenacious vitality!

There is a relatively spacious street in the center of azuke village, where the villagers hold long street banquets.

Long street banquet is one of the most important festival feasts of Hani nationality. This activity is mainly to share the harvest of the new year, pray for a bumper harvest in the coming year, and pray for each other's blessings. Especially those who have newborns and newlyweds who build new houses while alive will go to the faucet to seek welfare.

On the day of the long street banquet, men, women and children of the whole village wear holiday costumes. Every family will bring one or two tables of cooked dishes to the village. No matter where you come from, you will be treated with courtesy. People gather from all directions to form a long banquet, commonly known as the long street banquet.

The autumn mill is the place where the Hani people carry out activities during the "Zaza" festival. It is the place where the Hani people invite the God of heaven to spend the festival and polish the autumn harvest with the Hani people in order to thank the God of apime smoke.

The sacrificial room is the place where cattle are killed and sacrificed during the Hani "Zaza" festival. Beef is divided equally by household and used to sacrifice ancestors. Cattle heads and feet belong to "Migu" and "xiaomigu" to pray for the God of heaven and earth to bless the village with good weather, bumper grain and prosperity of people and livestock.

At the end of azuke is the terrace Canyon, which is the place where azuke village has been cultivated for generations. Stepping into it will make you feel the magnificence you can't feel when overlooking from the observation platform and the difficulties of Hani people in cultivating rice. Each ridge ladder field has a drop of three to five meters, which you can't feel when you look down

Looking up again, you will find that Hani people are also very particular about choosing the address of the stronghold. They think that the climate in the valley is hot and the top of the mountain is extremely cold, so they will choose the location halfway up the mountain, because the climate here is the most moderate.

In 2018, there were 479 people in azuke village, with an annual per capita income of only 2785 yuan. Half of the labor force went out to work, and the hollow trend of the village was serious. With the acceleration of modernization, there are fewer and fewer ancient mushroom houses and more cement buildings in azuke village. Many young people go out to work, leaving only the elderly and children at home. The tourist reception is scattered and disorderly, and the environment in the village is dirty and messy.

Therefore, at the invitation of the local government, after in-depth research, the team of the school of tourism of Sun Yat sen University came up with the "azuke plan". In order to protect the local traditional villages, encourage the young people who go out to work to return home to start businesses and retain their homesickness, the azuke plan helps the villagers repair the traditional mushroom houses, improve the living environment, develop rural tourism, organize the participation of the whole village, and the income is owned by the whole people, so that the Hani people can live a good life while guarding the terraces!

There are nearly one million mu of terraces in Honghe Prefecture and 170000 mu in Yuanyang County. These terraces stretch for tens of kilometers along the Ailao Mountains. You can imagine how large they are! Yuanyang terrace has a history of more than 1300 years. It was reclaimed by Hani people for generations. It is hard to imagine the large amount of work and the difficulty of farming. At present, these terraces are still under cultivation, and they are cultivated by hand. Because the terraces are in high mountains and steep slopes, mechanized equipment can not be operated in such an environment.

Fortunately, Yuanyang terrace has developed into a famous tourist attraction, and the descendants of Hani nationality have also benefited from tourism. These beautiful terraces are the blessing left by the ancestors of Hani nationality.

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