In Aicun, there is a magnificent terraced field that reflects the deep blue sky like a mirror every morning, showcasing its unique color charm and attracting the attention of countless tourists. And my journey became even more warm and unforgettable due to the unexpected encounter with three little girls from the Hani tribe.

That day, I was walking on the path of Ai Village and was amazed by the beautiful scenery of the blue terraced fields. The layers of terraced fields, like the fingerprints of the earth, reflect charming light in the varying shades of blue under the sunlight. Just as I was intoxicated by this beautiful scenery, three little girls from the Hani tribe ran over like elves, with innocent smiles on their faces.

They took the initiative to ask me to take photos of them, and at that moment, I felt their enthusiasm and friendliness. We chose the best shooting angle together, and they put on various cute poses with bright smiles like flowers. The moment they pressed the shutter, not only captured the beautiful scenery, but also left behind their happiness and friendship.

After taking the photos, we sat together at a roadside stall, tasting the local red rice noodles. This delicious dish only costs five yuan, but it contains a simple taste and strong human touch. The steaming red rice noodles, paired with fragrant seasonings, leave a lasting impression.

In this beautiful village, I not only experienced the grandeur of nature, but also felt the warmth between people. The enthusiasm of Hani girls and the red rice noodles on the roadside have both allowed me to experience the true essence of travel - discovering beauty and sharing it.

This love village trip has brought me full of emotions and memories. I will forever cherish those happy moments with the little girls, and I will also forever miss that delicious bowl of red rice noodles.

My love village trip not only appreciated the unique scenery, but also experienced the warmth of humanity. I look forward to the next journey and continue to explore more beautiful stories.

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