Originally, the team of 12 people walked and scattered, leaving me, abin, Nanjie and Xiaofei.

Four of us packed a car to prepare for the journey of Linzhi ring road. I persuaded Chen and us to take another journey several times, but he refused. He was afraid of the death like symptom of 40 glacier trip again, and he was still scared

The symptoms of my cough have not improved after two days of cultivation. Everyone is a little worried that I will cough up pulmonary edema, but I know that I just have a cold cough, not a cold. Besides, my body is always healthy. I even forget when I took the medicine last time, so I am not worried.

The car drove out of Lhasa and ran on the highway to Linzhi. The driver for us is actually my hometown. We call him Longge. Through Longge, I know that many people come to Lhasa to do Lhasa bleaching.

He is very enthusiastic and keeps talking with us. He says it's very happy to drive to Linzhi now. The newly built Expressway enables me to get to Linzhi at night. In the past, most of the driving was bumpy on the bad road, not to mention traffic accidents or traffic jams. Bumps can make people feel dizzy

Fortunately, we soon arrived at the Mozhu gongka, where there is a god lake called sikinacuo.

Sikinacuo is the God of wealth lake of Tibetan people, and it is also the God lake that the local people call "the king of the rich hundred dragons". Every year, on the 15th day of June in the Tibetan calendar, Panchen, Dalai Lama and Zhigong living Buddha of all generations will come to sikinacuo God lake to worship. Many gold and silver treasures will be put into the lake to repay the gift of the God lake.

It's the first time I've ever met a myriad of Mani heaps by the lake. Blue lake water, half water, half ice, beautiful refreshing. We were so excited that we just took photos and forgot to add a stone to manidui for the protection of the God of wealth

After crossing Mila mountain, I entered the Linzhi Area, took a rest at Mila mountain pass, and continued to Linzhi city.

Before arriving in Linzhi, there was a scenic spot called basongcuo, which is a 5A level scenic spot. It has been fully commercialized. It is also the first commercial scenic spot I saw in Tibet.

Before entering the scenic spot, I was shocked by the three-star toilet at the door. The luxurious decoration and well-designed partition, like walking in a maze, almost couldn't find a urinal! Xiaofei, who just bought the ticket, listened to my sensational description. He had to pull me to be a guide. He couldn't help crying and laughing

As the scenic area is very large, we will take the parking in the scenic area to go to various scenic spots, but it is a little late, it is more than six o'clock in the afternoon. I, sister Nan and Xiaofei slowly stroll around and take a crazy selfie, while A Bin hurried to catch up with the sun, how can the sun call his mother to go home for dinner, and the skate is faster than anyone else

The most beautiful place in the scenic area is Zhaxi Island, which has become the only place we visit. After all, abin still hasn't run past the sun, but it is the little sunshine before the sun sets, showing the most beautiful basongcuo.

In Linzhi Area, even in winter, there will be green trees. When reflected in the lake water, the lake water will be green. But in the distance, the lake water will be green because of the blue sky. The surrounding snow mountains and the perfect light ratio form a beautiful scenery.

There is a temple in the island called tsozong Gongba temple, which belongs to Ningma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. There are two strange trees in front of the temple. It's said that they are natural wonders. Abin and I are extremely suspicious. A cylindrical stake like JJ is fixed by a big nail on the trunk that symbolizes men, while the trunk that symbolizes women has obvious traces of knife cutting, and what's more unacceptable is that their sensitive parts are deliberately painted with paint

This clue can be seen at a glance. I sneer at it. Abin and Xiaofei curiously study and whet haw. Tibetans passing by laugh at their appearance, but they are very serious and indifferent

At about 9 o'clock in the evening, we arrived in the downtown area of Linzhi, but the temperature of Linzhi was even lower than that of Lhasa. The indoor temperature of the hotel we found was lower than that of the outdoor. After a long day of running, we were tired and hungry, and finally had to sleep in the freezer, which was unacceptable

But what can that do?

Just bear it!

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