Yamzho Lake

The next day, the three of us are going our separate ways, because we have their own plans, and my plan is to go to 40 glaciers. We had to say goodbye to each other. We had a chance to see each other again.

Then, I got to know ten friends in the team that went to 40 glacier

Chen, sitting next to me, is a reticent Hunan boy. Behind him is a bin, a Cantonese. Before he left, he began to take oxygen. Next to abin is Nanjie from Dalian. Thanks to Nanjie's care, abin can return to Lhasa alive. At the end of the row is a couple from Hong Kong. They are entwined and dancing. Wherever they go, dog food will be scattered there. On the other side of me is Xiaofei from Beijing. We can't laugh or cry because of the continuous cross talk while we are breathing oxygen all the way. Behind Xiaofei is Yanzi sister from Nanjing. She is only a little younger than me, but she looks young and has a humorous voice. She is an old driver. In front of me is Dafei, a dehumanizing old driver. Her energy has become the key to driving the team rhythm. The laughter along the way is that with "two flies", the world will be full of "love"

When driving out of Lhasa and entering the south of the mountain, you need to climb over the gangbala mountain pass, which is 5030 meters above sea level. The roads on the mountain are all asphalt roads. The road condition is excellent, but there are many curves. People with carsickness are expected to die here first

Nearly an hour's climb, finally arrived at the top of the parking lot. Before the car stopped, my friends were eager to get off. We saw the other side of the mountain reflected the blue light, which was brilliant.

We rushed towards the direction of the blue light, and there was a emerald blue lake in front of us, like a sapphire inlaid on the south mountain plateau. The calm lake was sparkling under the sun, which was so beautiful that it was refreshing. This was one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet - yangzhuoyongcuo.

Looking at the curved lake, she was stunned, as if she had seen her lover in the past. She was wearing a long green blue skirt, shaking her graceful body, coming slowly from the distant snow mountain, stopping in front of me, and lying in the beautiful valley gracefully

It reminds me of Byron's poem:

If I see you again,
After a long time,
How do I greet you,
With silence, with tears.

We are about to leave. Before we get to longclip, we are still reluctant to look out through the window, walking and exclaiming, as if every inch of the lake has a different beauty.

When entering the south of the mountain, the altitude rises abruptly. Everyone is dizzy. When we get to the langkage, some of our friends are too high to support themselves. In order to ensure the blood sugar concentration, I forced myself to eat two bowls of rice. When I checked out, I found that the rice cost 75 yuan a barrel. Such a high price made me beg for my own shadow

We plan to spend the night in Dalong town and wait for the next day to reach 40 glaciers. After arriving at Dalong and getting off the bus, I felt cold and unable to support myself. The feeling of cold and dizzy made me feel tired all over. I don't know if there were any high reaction symptoms. I always felt that my stomach was full. It was estimated that the food at noon had not been digested and I didn't want to eat any more dinner.

Nanjie also has the same symptoms as me, and she doesn't want to eat. She suggested that everyone drink some sweet tea or buttered tea. On the opposite side of the hotel is a sweet tea house. This sweet tea house is the home of the Tibetans. We are sitting around the fire, baking cow dung, sweet tea life

Xiaofei fell in love with sister Yanzi at first sight, and made a single cross talk for her along the way, laughing at beauty with life and oxygen. In the evening, we should be generous and invite everyone to dinner.

Nanjie has no appetite, but she is going to give Xiaofei a lift. Although I have no appetite, Nanjie has also pulled me to give Xiaofei a lift. At least half of the team members are rebellious, but Nanjie persuades them to pass one by one. After all, there are more people.

I lie on the dining table and feel so sad that I just want to drink a little water. When we are joking, I can only barely squeeze out a smile But Gu Lingjing's big flying keeps planning one after another small table games, which makes everyone enjoy playing. Gradually, my dizziness has been relieved a lot

The hot pot party made everyone get familiar with each other. We had been able to chat with each other on topics we didn't know before. The old drivers drove the car up, and the laughter rang throughout the village.

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