After struggling for two days, I chose to start a tour of Ali before they left Tibet.

The night before we left, we had our last Tibetan meal.

I have been coughing all the time during the meal. Every time I coughed, they asked me if it was important. Considering the harsh environment in Ali area, they were very worried, but I decided to go. The most worthy scenery in Tibet is Ali area. I would be very excited if I could name any scenic spot, such as Gangrenboqi and mapanyongcuo

In the end, I offered to pay the bill, which was an agreement of friendship.

Before all the imagination by me to escape one by one, on the contrary, in the morning of my departure, abin and Nanjie get up early to see me off. They know that my cough is not good. They keep telling me to pay attention to safety and be careful all the time.

Nanjie asked me to say, "when I enter Ali, if I can't, I will leave...". I said, "don't worry, I'm sure there's no problem..."

In the end, we hugged each other and finished a parting ceremony. I took a cup of cappuccino from sister nan to the road

This time, I packed the car with three other new companions. Because it was led by the travel agency, we met for the first time at the moment of departure.

In addition to the driver's master, Xiao Wang, Xiao Li, ye and I are in the car. Xiao Wang and Xiao Li are a couple. Ye is a Buddhist girl. We are four of the same age, and I have become the youngest one.

After driving, apart from a brief introduction, I have been afraid to speak, because the cough is very strange. As long as we speak, we will cough, and we have to cough hard for a few times to finish the rest

They began to ask me if it didn't matter, so it's not very dangerous to go to Ali. I was worried about my cough, cough, pulmonary edema and other problems, and I began to explain to them

The car ran all the way. Before entering Ali area, we passed Shannan area again, and of course, Yangzhuoyong wrong again. Meeting again is not as excited as before. I stand silently on the high place and stare at the sparkling lake. My heart is very calm. It's like meeting old friends again and exchanging greetings

At noon, we came to Longjia County for lunch, and once again enjoyed the 75 yuan barrel of rice, which I was used to

It seems that the amount of food for the two girls is not good. They can't eat any more after half a bowl. When I asked, I learned that they have only been in Tibet for two days. How can they adapt to the lack of oxygen in the plateau? Now I am worried about them

After lunch, we went back to the border checkpoint in longkaa and chose another road at the fork, which leads to the Karola glacier.


On the south slope of qinkangsang peak, one of the four peaks in Tibet, is the Karora glacier. On the top of the glacier is an ice cap with a gentle slope, and on the bottom are two ice tongues in the form of hanging glaciers. The East Glacier tongue is 3 kilometers long and 750 meters wide, with an altitude of 5233 meters; the West glacier tongue is 4.5 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide, with an altitude of 5145 meters. The whole glacier area is 9.4 square kilometers.

Because of the undulation of the bedrock hills in the front of the glacier, the top of the ice layer which moves slowly in the front of the ice tongue breaks. Ice and snow melt along the ice, forming a magnificent ice tower forest. In the ice tower forest, because of the snow and dust, there are all kinds of strange folds in the shape of clouds, just like the patterns meticulously carved by skilled craftsmen. Several wedge-shaped scratches with a length of more than 10 meters, a width of 10-20cm and a depth of 8-10cm can be seen on the bedrock ice erosion platform at the front of the ice tongue, which is a rare sign of other glaciers, like a guide rail of "Chuang bed".

The huge glacier extends from the misty place on the top of the mountain to the roadside only a few hundred meters away from the road. In the crystal blue, there are some cool and swish feelings. Although influenced by the dust on the road for a long time, the glacier is in a black-and-white stratified form as a whole, but the upper part of the glacier is shining like a giant Thangka hanging on the mountain wall under the sun.

As the films "Red River Valley", "battle of Gyantse" and "cloud and water ballad" have been shot here, the Karola glacier is very famous. Therefore, many tourists will watch the spectacular glacier here and admire the charm of nature.

But unfortunately, in order to create a real avalanche situation when filming Red River Valley, a triangular gap was blasted on the Karola glacier by using explosives, which can be clearly seen by tourists during the tour. As one of the famous ancient glaciers, the gap will never be filled again.

And it is worth noting that, with the increase of greenhouse effect, the snow line of Karola glacier will move up a large distance every year. Whether the Karola glacier will exist in a few years is a very worrying question.


Not far from the Karora glacier lies the mount smira, which means "heavenly pearl" in Tibetan. It is said that the heavenly pearl can be found here before, so it's named after it.

Smira mountain also holds a green lake - Manla reservoir, also known as smira lake. Standing at the viewing platform, I thought I was back to Yang Zhuoyong's fault. It's just a turquoise blue, a turquoise green, like a pair of sisters. It's incredibly beautiful


Manla reservoir is located in the upper reaches of Nianchu River in Longma Township, Jiangzi County, Xigaze Prefecture, Tibet. It is a large-scale water conservancy construction project mainly for irrigation and power generation, with comprehensive benefits of flood control and tourism. The retaining dam is a clay core rockfill dam with a length of 287 meters, a height of 76.3 meters and a crest width of 10 meters. It is known as "the first dam in Tibet". It is 28 kilometers away from the county seat and 113 kilometers away from shigaze city. Manla project is a large (II) type project, which is the "leading" project on Nianchu river. The elevation of dam site is 4200-4300 meters above sea level. It is dry, anoxic and cold in winter. The actual construction period of the whole year is only 7-8 months. The construction conditions are extremely difficult, and it is not easy to build power generation.

At 5:00 p.m., we arrived in Jiangzi county. It is planned to visit the ancient fort, but it seems that the time is late. It is estimated that the scenic spot service staff will be off duty, so we have to stop.

In Jiangzi County, we ran into Longge, a taxi driver who was on a previous trip to Linzhi. Longge was going to Everest with a team of people. He saw that there were only four of us, and the atmosphere was monotonous. So he suggested that we go to Everest first, so many people were busy.

We were so excited that we all fell in love with each other. So we planned to go to Xigaze for a rest in the evening and arrive at Everest base camp the next day.

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