The next day, we will go deep into the hinterland of Linzhi to see the nangabawa peak, which is rated as the top ten most beautiful mountains in China by China National Geographic magazine.

Before leaving Tibet, Dafei pointed out the best viewing place for us to see nangabawa peak, that is, Suosong village. We also saw the group photo of Dafei and nangabawa peak. It's so beautiful that it can't be more beautiful. It has to be said that nangabawa peak is the most anticipated and valuable scenic spot in this journey.

In order to have a glimpse of Rizhao Jinshan mountain of nangabawa peak, we need to stay in sosong village at night, so on the way to sosong village, we need to go to another picturesque scenic spot - Lulang.

On the way to Lulang, we need to climb the Sejila Mountain, which is 4728 meters above sea level. Sejila Mountain belongs to Nianqing Tanggula Mountain range, which is the boundary between the eastern part of Linzhi county and the central and western part of Tibet, the watershed between the Niyang River Basin and the Yarlung Zangbo River, and the south line of Sichuan Tibet highway.

On the hillside, there is a viewing platform to enjoy the scenery of nyang. Standing at the viewing platform and looking out into the distance, a beautiful Niyang River shuttles through the green valley. The village is located in it, reflecting a beautiful landscape under the sun.

Then I went up to the Sejila pass. I was really surprised by the white scene. All around is covered by white snow. The strong sunlight shines on the white snow and reflects dazzling white light everywhere, which makes me unable to open my eyes.

In the process of rest, overlooking the opposite side, there is a peak like a spearhead that goes through the clouds. It is extremely steep and spectacular! It is the Namjagbarwa peak, which is interpreted in Tibetan as "the long grass that pierces the sky".

When we first saw nangabawa peak, we were as excited as children. We jumped up and down beside the cement stone pier on the side of the road and couldn't wait to take photos. There are also tourists yelling at the valley. It's not good


Not far from the Yakou, there is another lush virgin forest. The clouds around the forest decorate the whole scenic spot like a poem or a picture, like a fairyland And here, it's lulanglinhai!

At the foot of Sejila Mountain is Lulang Town, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers. It is an idyllic scenery. On both sides of the road, there are a few yaks walking leisurely. Groups of lovely Tibetan fragrant pigs are running all over the street wagging their little tails A redesigned Tibetan building is located in it. Tibetan people sit in groups at the door to chat and bathe in the sunshine. We have experienced spring, summer, autumn and winter several times in a day, which is the most memorable memory in our life.


The town is full of restaurants selling stone pot chicken. It's said that it has a unique taste and is very delicious. The ingredients include palm ginseng and other herbs. It's really a tonic soup.

It is said that the chicken is a local specialty, and the pot is a special product of moto - moto stone pot. The stone of moto stone pot is soft at the beginning of mining, but the magic is that it can only be processed locally. Once it leaves moto, the stone will be hard like steel. Why moto stone has such characteristics is unknown.

Having enough to eat and drink, we went on our way.




No matter where you go, you can become a scenery by yourself. Yani National Wetland Park, Buddha palm dune, Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, doxiongla mountain, just like this, constantly refresh our requirements for beauty

Lausanne is the guide introduced by Dafei to us in sasong village. He has a good time. He will remind us to enter sasong village just before the sun sets. Let's set aside a lot of time to visit other scenic spots.

When we met him, we shook hands happily. Unexpectedly, he was a bright big boy with black skin and a little fat. He proudly told us that he would take us to the best viewing place of nangabawa peak


He took us to a big rock and asked us to climb up and try When we stood on the stone, we were stunned by the sight. It's really a good place to see the peak of nangabawa. There is no one. Sunshine Jinshan slowly opened the curtain, everyone took the opportunity to take photos in turn, put out all kinds of postures, until the sun set, still reluctant to part

After eating the dinner prepared by Lausanne's mother, Nanjie also wanted to try tsamba. Lausanne's father kneaded a piece of his own hidden wood bowl for everyone to taste. In the Tibetan tradition, Tibetan wooden bowls are never washed, and they are used by each person.

So, mother Lausanne cooked buttered tea, gave barley powder to everyone, let everyone try! We are very happy to knead it. Xiaofei can't control the density well. It's like shit. He can't bear to take a bite. Finally, he throws it all to the cat. A bin is the best, but not as good as Lausanne's father

In the evening, the temperature around is getting lower and lower. The clouds unconsciously occupy the sky, which is as thick as a warrior's shield. The starry sky that plans to shoot the nangabawa peak also has to be lost. I didn't expect that the weather here is so unpredictable. It's a bit inconceivable to think about the clear sky all day.

Everyone sat around the stove, baking cow dung. Lausanne's mother prepared melon seeds snacks. We chatted and ate them. Lausanne's father could hardly speak Chinese, but he still shared interesting Tibetan stories with us. It was very interesting. No one wanted to go to sleep. Hahahaha

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