Watching the Milky Way

The pavilion stands still, and the night light emits a faint light
The Milky Way is like a pure white training belt, flowing slowly in the sky
The starry sky is dazzling and shining with hopeful light
The long river of time is surging endlessly
We look up and gaze in time

The night on Tiger Mountain is peaceful and serene
I face the starry sky from afar, silently watching
They are the grand epic of the universe
It's also a deep longing in my heart

Watching this galaxy and starry sky
My thoughts drift freely in the vast expanse
The boundless vastness of the universe
Under the radiance of this light, the soul flaps its wings and soars

Accompanied by night lights, the Milky Way shines brightly
The night is so wonderful and unparalleled
I wish to forever immerse myself in the ocean of stars
Enjoy the wonderful chapter of time with the starry sky

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