Hey, you know what? Shooting a star orbit is really a super challenging task! It's like having to do a whole billion jobs!

Firstly, you need to find a good place, away from the city lights, and run to the pitch black mountains. Then, you have to set up the camera and adjust various parameters, this is really a technical job!

Next, there is a long wait. During the waiting process, you can pray that no one will disturb you, especially those who are driving cars. The headlights are so flickering that they can torture people crazy, because they don't know that shooting the starry sky is most afraid of strong light.

Well, I've met several waves of people this time, and they didn't do anything when they came. They just drove around this pavilion and left! It doesn't matter if he rotates this circle, I just took a half hour shot of the starry sky delay and it's just useless.

I didn't originally want this orbit, what I wanted more was the Milky Way, but unfortunately, someone always came to cause trouble, and I had no choice but to combine this limited material into an orbit.

In order not to waste this night, I masturbated by doing a few tasks. Watching the beautiful curves streak through the night sky, I felt like a magician!

The process of taking photos of the starry sky may be arduous, but it is also full of fun. You will find that nature is truly amazing, and every shot is a unique experience. So, even if it's a whole billion jobs, it's worth trying!

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