The Great Harmony has a phoenix, hence the name Phoenix City.

In the cold winter of the twelfth lunar month, on the banks of the Sanggan River, the cold wind was piercing and the chill was pressing. However, I saw red clouds curling up along the skyline, resembling a vortex, resembling a phoenix in nirvana.

The clouds are shining brightly, like the feathers of a phoenix; The cold wind is piercing, howling and piercing, like the low chirping of a phoenix. The radiance of the sunset is vast and lifelike, leaving one amazed.

The scenery by the river adds even more color. The Sanggan River is frozen like a mirror, reflecting red clouds like a dream. The ice pattern spreads like a spider web, delicate and exquisite, with unique craftsmanship.

The people in the city, upon hearing this spectacle, rushed out one after another and looked up at the sky, all feeling magical. As the saying goes, "This is a sign of the Phoenix's Nirvana, and Datong will surely bring prosperity and prosperity." Everyone was delighted, and laughter filled the city.

Having this wonder today is truly a blessing from heaven. May the future of Phoenix shine with even more brilliance, like the phoenix's rebirth.

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