Because of the epidemic, I was driven out of the Zizhu Temple, and then out of Xizang.

Although I wander around in Xizang, where the epidemic is spreading, I always live in a car and hardly contact anyone. I haven't even said a few words. What I crave is beautiful scenery. Everything else is unimportant to me.

Although the footsteps of the city lockdown were closely following behind me, I felt that my luck was still quite good. In a limited amount of time, I stayed at Sap Mountain for two days. As soon as I left, Sap Mountain was sealed off; I stayed at Sanse Lake for two days, and as soon as I left, Bianba County was locked down; I stayed at Zizhu Temple for a day and wanted to stay for another day, but I was told that if I didn't leave, I would be locked up there. There was no other way, so I had to flee quickly

I crossed the provincial boundary of Xizang and finally left the land where I stayed for three months, although I didn't really want to go. Although I went out of Xizang, I was still in the Tibetan area. I entered Nangqian County, Qinghai Province. This is a place name that I have never heard of. Maybe it is a bit remote, but the Yushu area to which it belongs is famous. It is said that many years ago, Nangqian was the center of the Yushu region

Nangqian County is a charming place. Here, there are magnificent snow capped mountains, vast grasslands, and flowing rivers. The ecological environment has been well protected, and wild animals can freely inhabit this land. There is also an extremely profound cultural heritage here, which is one of the important birthplaces of Tibetan culture, preserving numerous ancient historical relics and traditional culture. The ancient temples, unique Tibetan songs and dances, and exquisite handicrafts all showcase the rich cultural connotations of this land.

Although it was my first time passing through Nangqian, I was instantly overwhelmed by this mysterious and beautiful land. Before officially entering the county seat of Nangqian, I was attracted by the big stones exposed in the mountains at the pass of Xiegala Mountain. It was just like the head of a giant, looking towards Xizang in the mountains.

Standing at the pass, I gazed at this giant rock with a surge of awe in my heart. That giant stone is majestic and solemn, and every texture and bump of it seems to tell a distant story. It stands quietly, like a silent guardian, witnessing the changes of this land.

Leaving the pass, I still want to continue exploring more of the wonders of Nangqian. I heard that there is an ancient salt field here that is similar to a salt well, as well as several temples built on mountain walls. Unfortunately, I was intercepted by epidemic prevention personnel at the entrance of Nangqian County and was forced to terminate all travel plans.

I escaped all epidemic isolation in Xizang, but I didn't expect to be locked in Nangqian in Qinghai, which is seven days and seven nights. When I was finally released into nature, I could only be sent directly to the highway under the guidance of the administrator, and thus my exploration of Nangqian was completely put to an end.

When I left, I greedily gazed out the car window at the mountains, rivers, grasslands, temples, and murals that amazed me every moment along the way. Just around the county town of Nangqian, there are many rugged mountains and vast green three-dimensional grasslands, and the red Lancang River is below the mountains. I think in June and July, the mountains will also be covered with small flowers, as beautiful as Nianbaoyu!

The beautiful scenery passed by before my eyes all the way, and due to being escorted, I was unable to take photos. The feeling of melancholy in my heart can be imagined. In the same Qinghai Province, Nangqian is over 1000 kilometers away from Xining. In such a remote area, I don't know when we can come back again

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