This year, I am 29 years old. I feel a lot of anxiety at the bottom of my heart. I don't understand what I am worried about!

So I began to be a little confused!

I quit my job. I used to have a very comfortable job, but it's this kind of ease. After several years of work, I'm afraid. I'm going to be 30 years old. I don't know how long this kind of ease can last

Think about a few years ago, when I first arrived in Beijing, I was passionate and radical. Although I made little money, I was full of hope to change my fate. After working for so many years, I got more income, but I don't know when my heart began to become numb

Finally, I quit this job for three years, and this company was born in less than three years. I am still the founder of this company

However, this company has never succeeded in the development process of less than three years. This frustration may be one of the reasons why my heart is becoming numb

In order to find a way for the company, the big boss hired many CEOs with high salary, which also shows how bad the development of the company is. But even if it's not good, the boss keeps the habit of saving money, and the company is half dead.

Some people say: the first step to start a business is to let yourself live first, as long as there is hope. Maybe...

To save money is to keep the company alive, but it causes the company's talents to be unable to fight, which eventually leads to brain drain, and the outside talents can't choose because of the problem of salary and treatment. Slowly, the development of the company falls into a vicious circle. When the benefits are good, everyone is friendly. When they are bad, they start to complain to each other, find each other's mistakes, and fight openly and secretly from the top to the next Thus leading to the company's middle-level cadres no one is willing to be responsible for anything, afraid of provoking a body of Sao!

As a technician, I would like to maintain my own maintenance work. The company is developing slowly, and I don't have so many things to do, so I began to get comfortable.

But sometimes when I get up confused and anxious, I think I should be a warm-blooded person!

I like traveling, photography, outdoors, and occasionally study cooking. I also want to buy an industry and find a way to walk in a time free and controllable way, even to open a small shop! Want to go to the sea, learn to do business

So, I rushed into the clothing industry recklessly, but found that the people and things around me were totally different from what I thought.

The first thing to face is the profit problem of commodities, because the former white-collar workers are cheap and convenient to buy things on Taobao, which is really good! But the reality is that in the process of desperately lowering costs and reducing costs, the manufacturing industry inevitably has the problem of poor quality. In order to ensure the quality, we have to save 10 or 20 cents in each link. It's very hard. In the end, a piece of clothing only makes a few yuan. It's better to buy a house and invest in such a business environment

In the past, the people around were white-collar elites, who spoke and worked in an orderly way, with high communication efficiency and work efficiency. Even then, they felt that time was not enough. But now, there are all kinds of people around. Some of them don't play cards according to the routine, talk dishonestly, and do things untimely. It's common practice, but they have to contact them in order to make money.

As a B2B wholesaler, credit will inevitably occur between customers and raw material suppliers. Not everyone is as punctual and trustworthy as they are. In order to control risks, they have to calculate carefully.

Recently, the price of cloth has been rising, perhaps because of the oil price rise caused by the Sino US trade war. The raw material of cloth is yarn. Synthetic fibers in yarn such as polyester, nylon and so on are all petroleum products. The price rise of oil has also led to the price rise of polyester yarn and so on

I learned to do business because I wanted to make money, but it's not so easy to start a business. Maybe I'm too anxious. I feel that no matter what I do, I have a long way to go. I'm worried and confused again

What does twenty-nine represent? Anxiety makes me forget what I want to do and why I want to make money? I began to take time to read philosophy books, economics books, psychology books, and gradually found that I seem to know everything, and then I want to know everything

Alas... I really don't know

When can I know what I don't know and want to know

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