The new acquaintances either left or dispersed, leaving only me, Abin, Nanjie, and Xiaofei. We haven't had enough fun in Xizang these days, so we are reluctant to leave, so the four of us chartered a car and are ready to start the next journey - Linzhi Ring Road.

I have tried to persuade Chen to play with us again several times, but he refused. He is afraid of experiencing the symptoms of a trip to the 40th Glacier, which is not as good as death. It can be said that "once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of a well rope"

My cough symptoms have not improved after two days of rest. Some people are worried that I may cough up pulmonary edema, but I am aware that I have only contracted a cold cough, not a cold. Besides, my body has always been healthy, and I can't even remember when I took my medicine last time, so I am not worried.

The car drove out of Lhasa and was speeding on the highway leading to Linzhi. The driver chatted with us haphazardly, only to suddenly realize that his Mandarin made me feel very friendly. I couldn't help but ask and realize that he was actually my fellow villager!

We call him Longge, and through Longge, I learned that there are many people from my hometown coming to Lhasa to do "Lhasa drifting", which surprised me very much. You should know that our hometown is a famous coal province, where people are both lazy and arrogant under the protection of state-owned enterprises. Even if there are exceptions, our hometown is adjacent to a big city like Beijing. It's unbelievable that some villagers come all the way to Lhasa to seek gold.

Long Ge is very enthusiastic and keeps looking for topics to chat with us to relieve our boredom. He told us that driving to Linzhi now is too happy. The newly built highway can allow us to arrive in Linzhi at night. However, in the past, not only was the journey long, but the roads were also extremely bumpy and dilapidated. Not to mention encountering traffic accidents or traffic jams, even bumps could tire people out

Fortunately, we quickly arrived at the Ink Bamboo Work Card. Mozhugongka has a divine lake called Sijinlacuo. Sijinlacuo is the God of Wealth Lake of the Tibetan people, which is known as the "King of Wealth and Hundred Dragons" by the locals. Every year on the 15th day of the sixth month in the Tibetan calendar, successive Panchen Lamas, Dalai Lamas, and Zhigong Living Buddhas come to Sijinlacuo Lake to worship, and many gold and silver treasures are poured into the lake to repay the blessings of the lake.

Long Ge led us into the Divine Lake, and I saw countless mani piles piled up by the lake, which was very shocking. This was the first time I had met them. On the blue surface of the lake, half is water and half is ice. Although it does not have the shock that Yanghu brings us, it is also beautiful and refreshing. We were so happy that we only focused on taking photos and forgot to add a stone to the Mani pile for the protection of the God of Wealth

Leaving the Mozhugongka, we crossed the Mira Mountain, which is considered as entering the Linzhi area.

The Linzhi area is very large, but the Linzhi city is very small. Although they have the same name, their jurisdiction is different. The Linzhi area and Linzhi city are actually administrative divisions of the same area at different stages. Not far from Linzhi City, there is a very beautiful scenic spot called Basongcuo, which is a 5A level scenic spot. Although it has been fully commercialized, the scenery is one of the best in the Tibetan area.

We specifically asked Brother Long to take us to Basongcuo to experience the legendary beauty. I didn't expect to be shocked by the three-star toilet at the entrance before we even entered the scenic area! The luxurious decoration and carefully designed partitions make people feel like walking in a maze, making me dizzy and almost unable to find the urinal! After relieving my grip, I happened to meet Xiaofei, who had just bought a ticket. After listening to my sensational description of this toilet, he also wanted to go inside and explore the truth. He insisted on taking me as a guide, which was really hilarious

The Basongcuo Scenic Area is very large, and we will take the shuttle bus inside the scenic area to various small scenic spots. However, it is already past 6 pm in the afternoon. Although it is a bit late, I, Nanjie, and Xiaofei slowly strolled around and took selfies. Only Abin was in a hurry to catch up with the sun, but unfortunately, the sun called out to go home for dinner and ran faster than anyone else

Basongcuo is indeed very beautiful, and the most beautiful attraction is undoubtedly Zaxi Island, which has become the only place we have visited in Basongcuo. Although Abin has not run through the sun, he has also captured a little bit of sunlight before the sun sets. However, this little light also presents the most beautiful Basongcuo.

Entering Zhaxi Island, I found a temple called Cuozong Gongba Temple, which belongs to the Ningma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. There are two strange trees in front of the temple, one symbolizing males and the other symbolizing females. Legend has it that they are naturally formed wonders, but Abin and I are extremely skeptical. The cylindrical wooden stake, resembling a cock, was fixed by a large nail on the tree trunk symbolizing men, while the tree trunk symbolizing women had a deep groove in the middle with obvious knife marks. The most unacceptable thing was that their sensitive parts were deliberately painted, which was truly absurd

I sneered at this obvious hint at first glance, but Abin and Xiaofei were full of curiosity about this kind of thing. They came together to study it in various ways, honing and honing. The Tibetan people passing by couldn't help but laugh at their appearance, but they pretended to be serious and discussed seriously and meticulously. Nanjie and I were also amused and couldn't bear these two treasures

Leaving Basongcuo, we drove until after 9 pm in the evening to reach the downtown area of Linzhi. Unexpectedly, the temperature in Linzhi is even lower than that in Lhasa. What's even colder is the tourism atmosphere in Linzhi. Winter in Linzhi is a completely off-season, and many hotels have closed directly. We finally found the hotel and found that the temperature inside is even lower than outside, which is really frustrating!

We have been running around all day, tired and hungry, and in the end, we have to sleep in the "freezer", which is simply unacceptable

But what can we do then?

There is no choice, we can only endure!

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