The location of the Four Zero Glacier has not been built with a road, and the exact direction depends entirely on the experience of the driver.

So we ran wildly in the vast wilderness, and the bumps along the way made everyone think we were driving in an uninhabited area. I saw cars driving on flat roads, muddy paths, sandy roads, and icy rivers. I don't know how the driver feels, but all of us sitting in the car are being disturbed and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, from time to time, bison, wild horses, and Tibetan antelopes appear outside the window, adding a touch of fun to this boring journey. Everyone, who had already been tormented by the high anti Japanese reaction and was feeling dizzy and disoriented, risked their lives to capture these wild animals and held their phones high, propping up their bodies.

Approaching noon, we finally arrived at the 40 Glacier. At this point, the area we are in is already at an altitude of over 5300 meters. When I got off the car, I immediately felt chest tightness and shortness of breath. With just a little effort, I would feel dizzy, dizzy, and stars in my eyes

My goodness! The first time we came to Xizang, we dared to go up to an altitude of more than 5000 meters. How fearless the ignorant are!

The driver urged everyone to get off the car quickly and seize the time to play on the glacier, but their companions were like deflated balls, weakly getting off the car and walking weakly. All of these are fine, at least there is still some strength to play with, but Abin and Xiaofei didn't have such good luck. They were tormented by Gao Chao to the point where they didn't even have the strength to get off the car. They could only watch as everyone walked towards the glacier one after another, while they were like critically ill patients, inserting oxygen tubes and collapsing in their seats.

After getting off the car, we saw that the glacier was not right in front of us. We still needed to walk one or two kilometers and climb a few small hills to see the glacier. Hypoxia puts a heavy burden on everyone's body. Normally, I can barely take one or two steps, but sometimes I have to stop and take a few more breaths to continue walking. As I gasped for breath, I looked back at everyone's performance and found that they were not doing much better either. Everyone's movements became very slow, and every step was very difficult. This feeling was like being on a foreign planet.

After flipping over these small slopes, I finally walked into the 40 Glacier. The spectacular sight that suddenly appeared in front of me instantly shook my heart. I stood still in shock, unable to concentrate and cheer due to the heavy burden my body was bearing. However, I deeply felt the surging adrenaline, and every inch of my skin was covered in goosebumps

That is a huge ice dragon, winding and stretching in the mountains. That cold color tone exudes a peaceful and solemn atmosphere, making my heart involuntarily crawl to the ground. The surface of glaciers presents strange shapes and textures, some as sharp as serrations and some as undulating as waves, with a grand scale that is astonishing. The deep blue seeps through the crevice, as if it is a passage to another world. Standing in front of it, I feel incredibly small and fragile. At this moment, everything becomes so peaceful and eternal, and time seems to freeze here

We slowly walked into the glacial lake, trying to get closer to the glacier. The strong sunlight at noon melted the wide ice surface into a thin film of water, making it exceptionally smooth. People were moving cautiously, and everyone could imagine the consequences of falling here.

Walking through the glacial lake, we can have zero distance contact with the glacier. The girls in the team shuttle through the glacier, posing in various poses to take photos as a memento, and have already thrown the high reflex into the sky

Chen and I stood on the shore, watching in surprise as they jumped up and down. Chen and I joked, "Are they okay?" Chen smiled and shook his head, saying, "I don't know!"

Seeing them playing so happily, I also rushed into the glacier to take some photos. However, after playing for a while, a lot of physical exertion made me almost unable to bear it, and my stomach even started to growl from hunger. I gestured for Chen to walk back, and others who were tired of playing began to return to the car one after another. Everyone took out pre prepared snacks and dry food as lunch, and it was most important to replenish blood sugar in a timely manner.

After filling their stomachs, everyone still felt weak and almost dead. But because I didn't drink water in time, my throat was itchy. I couldn't bear it anymore, so I slowly coughed. The more I coughed, the more I went, and in the end, I coughed until I vomited!

There are rumors online that many people suffer from the terrible consequences of coughing in high-altitude areas. I am both helpless and afraid, so I can only urge the driver to quickly send me back to Lhasa.

Although this trip to the glacier was somewhat thrilling, I know that life is like this, full of unknowns and challenges, and what we need to do is face it bravely.

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