Due to their respective plans, our trio is about to go their separate ways! We bid farewell to each other in helplessness and made plans to meet again when there was a chance. Although I lost two playmates, I suddenly made ten new friends in the team heading to the 40th Glacier

This group was named by me from the owner of the inn. When he recommended me to go see a glacier, I agreed without even thinking, because I have never seen a glacier before. What kind of scenery would it be like? Before departure, I even longed for a whole night!

In the early morning before dawn, I have to hurry up and go to the agreed location to meet the team. The team provided a small bread truck with exactly ten seats. After getting on the car, I found that there were already several people in the car. I chose a seat in the middle of the car, sat down, and closed my eyes to start getting some sleep.

After all the members arrived, the driver started the car and drove out of the city. Chen sitting next to me is a quiet and reserved boy from Hunan. Behind him is Abin, from Guangdong, with a weak physique that started taking oxygen before even setting off. Next to Abin was Nan Jie, who came from Dalian. Fortunately, thanks to Nan Jie's care along the way, the weak Abin did not leave himself on the road. At the end of the line are a pair of young lovers from Hong Kong, entangled and entangled. Wherever they go, dog food is scattered everywhere. On my other side is Xiaofei from Beijing. Xiaofei's mouth is very smooth. Along the way, he inhaled oxygen and talked about stand up comedy, making us both laugh and cry. Behind Xiaofei is Yanzi Sister from Nanjing, who is only a little younger than me. She has a young appearance, humorous speech, and can talk about anything, making her an "experienced driver". In front of me is Da Fei. Although she is a woman, she is proficient in smoking and drinking, and is a super invincible old driver. With her energy, she becomes the key to driving the team's rhythm. Whenever the atmosphere inside the car drops a bit, she can make the car explode again in just a few words. Due to the presence of "two flights", the world is filled with love, and along the way, everything is full of laughter and joy

When driving out of Lhasa and entering the mountainous area, one needs to first cross the mountain pass at an altitude of 5030 meters. The roads up the mountain are all paved with asphalt, and the road conditions are excellent. However, there are many bends, and people with motion sickness symptoms are likely to vomit here first

After nearly an hour of climbing, we finally reached the mountaintop parking lot. Before the car could stop, everyone could see the other side of the mountain emitting a faint and dazzling blue light. The friends were eager to try, wanting to rush out and explore the blue light.

After getting off the bus, we ran towards the direction of the blue light. Suddenly, a piece of emerald blue lake water appeared in front of us. The calm lake surface was sparkling under the sunlight, which was enchanting, just like a sapphire embedded in the Shannan Plateau. This is one of the three holy lakes in Xizang - Yang Zhuoyongcuo.

Seeing such a beautiful scenery, the young companions excitedly shouted and took a group photo by the observation deck. But I looked at the winding lake, lost in thought, as if I had seen a lover from a past life. She was dressed in a emerald blue long dress, swaying gracefully as she slowly walked from the distant snow mountain, resting in this beautiful valley

This couldn't help but make me sing Byron's poetry:

If I see you again,
Through the long years,
How will I greet you,
With silence and tears.

Before we had enough time to play or watch, the driver reminded us that we were about to leave. Fortunately, before reaching the Langka Pass, everyone can still look out through the car window. The winding and long road leading down the mountain allows those who haven't fully enjoyed it to continue that happiness. As the car walks, we marvel, as if every inch of lake water has different beauty from different angles.

The beauty of Yanghu Lake has led everyone to overlook its high altitude. In addition, the cheers from the companions by the lake were too enthusiastic and consumed a lot of physical energy. As a result, the thin oxygen began to make everyone feel dizzy, to the point where by the time they reached the wave clamp, some of them were already so high that it was difficult to control themselves!

In the plan, Langka is the location for everyone to have lunch. The driver stopped the car and couldn't help but laugh when he saw his companions appearing one after another weakly from the car door.

A few companions have already given up the process of ordering and instructed the driver to order whatever to eat, but in fact, he has no appetite at this moment.

One dish after another was served, which was both expensive and unpleasant. A few people with slightly better symptoms were forced to eat, while those with a slightly weaker appetite grabbed their rice bowls like chickens pecking at rice. The driver reminds everyone that the biggest fear of high blood sugar is hypoglycemia, so it is necessary to eat some of this meal. I forced myself to eat two bowls of rice to ensure my blood sugar concentration. When I checked out, I realized that the rice was 75 yuan per barrel. Such a high price really left me feeling a psychological shadow

According to the plan, our next step will be to stay overnight in Dalong Town and arrive at the 40 Glacier the next day. After arriving in Dalong Town, I suddenly felt cold and unbearable after getting off the car. I don't know if I had developed symptoms of high fever. This cold and dizzy feeling made me feel weak all over, my stomach full, and I didn't even want to eat dinner.

Sister Nan also has the same symptoms as me. She doesn't want to eat anything, but she suggests that everyone drink some sweet tea or butter tea, which may alleviate the symptoms of high reflexes. Across from the hotel is the Sweet Tea House, which is a Tibetan sweet tea house. Like Tibetans, everyone sits around the stove, roasting cow dung, enjoying sweet tea, and chatting about life

Xiao Fei was absolutely in love with Yan Zijie at first sight. Along the way, he talked about stand up comedy for her and won a smile from the beauty with his life and oxygen. In the evening, he generously offered to invite everyone to dinner.

Although Nanjie has no appetite, she must go to support Xiaofei and support this lovely younger brother. Although I didn't have an appetite, I was also pulled by Nanjie to support Xiaofei. At least half of the team members were rebellious, but Nanjie persuaded them one by one, after all, more people would make things lively.

The only restaurant in the town was actually owned by a Yunnan couple, selling Yunnan hot pot and barbecue. We entered the restaurant with curiosity, and the authentic mushroom hotpot really surprised us. Everyone sat around the table, chatting and ordering dishes, while I lay on the table, feeling so uncomfortable that I only wanted to drink some hot water. When everyone was joking, I could only barely squeeze out a little smile, but the quirky Da Fei kept planning one small board game after another to liven up the atmosphere. As everyone played happily, gradually, my dizziness seemed to have eased a lot

This hot pot gathering has made everyone's relationship become familiar all at once. We, who were originally strangers, can casually talk about various messy topics. The old drivers drove their cars high, and laughter and joy echoed throughout the village.

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