Watching the sunrise alarm clock ring, the sky outside is still as black as if it has been splashed with ink. Everyone moved from bed to car in a daze, and except for the driver, everyone else fell asleep again.

In the dream, there was another round of left and right thrusts in the darkness, and then it seemed like we were on a roller coaster swaying left and right. Everyone's heads would turn left and right, as if they had agreed. When the wind was whistling in my ears, I knew we were at the observation deck again. The companions began to wake up one after another, and the parked cars were still trembling in the wind like they were yesterday. At this moment, the outside of the car must be surprisingly cold, and no one dared to get off the car. People curled up in their seats, staring out the window with only two eyes, just because of the residual heat emitted by the engine

It was soon after 8 o'clock in the morning, but the sky was still pitch black, and the sun seemed to want to sleep in, hiding in the mountains and refusing to appear. The driver discovered a steep slope near the observation deck, and after driving up, he unexpectedly discovered a viewing platform with a better view. The driver said it's his first time coming here, which is very convenient for us lazy and cold guys

The sun finally slowly peeked out, but the snow capped mountains in the distance were still covered by thick black clouds, like a group of lazy insects unwilling to wake up. Looking at this disappointing scene, I muttered, "They're really lazy, even lazier than us. The sun is shining on their buttocks and they don't want to wake up..."

Everyone braved the cold wind and casually took a few photos, feeling that waiting like this would be of no use, so they had to leave in frustration.

Outside Baiba Village, the team led by Brother Long is different from the route we have taken, so we have to go our separate ways. Without further ado, we quickly lost sight of each other's taillights. We are returning to G318 and moving towards Saga.

Near Xiamude, we turned onto County Road 214. Although the road was bumpy, it was only for the purpose of seeing a beautiful lake in front of us - Peikucuo. In addition, near County Road 214, one can also enjoy a distant view of Mount Xixiabang at an altitude of 8027 meters. That is one of the fourteen 8000 meter high peaks in the world, and the only 8000 meter high peak completely located within China.

The climate on the plateau is variable. Just now, the scorching sun was in the sky, but now it is occupied by clouds. I saw the white mist in the mountains, making it impossible to see even Mount Xixiabang. We sighed as we continued to move forward, but in the end, we also got into that white expanse. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be snowing heavily!

I poked my head out of the car window and was surprised to find a magical play in the sky. I can't even believe what my eyes are seeing. At this moment, the sky is divided into two areas: a clear sky for thousands of miles, and a dark cloud of flying snow. The strong light of the scorching sun shines brightly on the snowflakes, melting them into droplets as soon as they fall to the ground. This is the first time I have ever encountered such a scene.

Then in the following hour, we experienced several alternations of cloudy and sunny days. When we arrived at Pekutso, the dark clouds that had just been rolling overhead drifted away without a trace at some point

Peikucuo is the largest lake in the Shigatse region, and its water mainly relies on surface precipitation and runoff from ice and snow melt. The clear lake water reflects the blue sky in the sunlight, reflecting a refreshing and deep blue. It is undoubtedly a "highland pearl".

When I left Peikucuo, I found that we needed to climb a snowy mountain to reach Saga. I thought I had to cross the ridge snow line to climb over that snowy mountain, but later, with the driver's reminder, I realized that the snow had just fallen and there were no ruts on the road. As I drove up the mountain, the road became narrower. The driver was holding a handful of cold sweat in his hand, and he slowed down the speed as slowly as possible, cautiously moving forward bit by bit.

Perhaps only the experienced driver knows how dangerous the snow is, and even a slight mistake could lead to slipping into a mountain ditch. I dare not continue to doze off in the car, so we help the driver closely monitor the surrounding road conditions. An hour later, we finally climbed over this mountain, only to see a larger expanse of white snow ahead! From a distance, the entire Saga County town turned into several black lines in the heavy snow, appearing inconspicuous.

Xiao Li and Xiao Wang in the car, who had never seen heavy snow before coming from Shenzhen, excitedly shouted to get off the car and go for a snowball fight. We don't know when this heavy snow will fall, and even if the snow stops, the road conditions won't allow us to continue moving forward. So, let's have a good time with this snow and make plans when we stay overnight in Saga.

The thickness of this snow is truly surprising and perfect for playing! Apart from the icy and snowy areas in Northeast China, this is the first time I have experienced such a large amount of snow in any other region. We cheered and ran into this snow, playing and frolicking to our heart's content. We rolled excitedly in the snow, leaving our whole body covered in pure white snowflakes. Xiao Li and Xiao Wang were the first to grab the snowball and engaged in a fierce snowball battle. Only the leaves stood quietly in the snow, looking up at the sky, letting the snowflakes fall on their cheeks, feeling the slightest chill.

Our laughter echoed in the snow, enjoying the wonderful feast of snow to the fullest, and our worries dissipated in this joy. Only the driver frowned tightly, smoking and constantly updating the weather forecast. He was worried and worried that the road ahead would still be snowy, as there were still many snow capped mountains to climb. If the whole journey was in such bad weather, the degree of danger would be difficult for him to control even himself

Upon hearing him say this, my mood instantly became heavier and heavier. Compared to him, I was even more worried about the snow situation. This means that we are likely to be forced to stop outside Alibaba. The long-awaited beauty of Alibaba may have missed me. Everyone's hearts are filled with disappointment and depression. The journey that was originally full of joy is now shrouded in a shadow due to this unknown weather.

Thinking of the mysterious and magnificent scenery of Ali, and the unfinished journey, the feeling of melancholy spreads in my heart, as if a dark cloud gradually obscures the sunshine in my heart. This is really despairing! Is it like passing by the dream Alibaba like this?

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