Considering that we already have a clear destination, with the estimation of the driver, everyone can sleep a little longer. By the time we finished breakfast and gathered, it was already 9:30 in the morning.

Stepping out of the inn, the sun was shining brightly outside, and everyone set off enthusiastically. After eleven o'clock, we arrived at the milestone of 5000 kilometers of National Highway 318 located in Jiangzi County.

Two teams of people rushed out of the station wagon one after another, and everyone was very excited. You should know how legendary the G318 highway is, and it is also known as the most beautiful landscape highway in China. Perhaps the most excited ones are friends from Shanghai, who set off from People's Square and are now five thousand kilometers away from home.

After taking photos as a souvenir, we continued along G318. After leaving Jiangzi County, the road in front of me gradually became spacious, and I could clearly feel that the surrounding mountains were gradually moving away from us. In the further distance, they stood in formation like giants, while the sides of the road gradually turned into vast and boundless wastelands. The noon sky became brighter and brighter, and the sunlight shone down recklessly, incredibly dazzling. The temperature around sharply rose, and the crazy heat seemed to be drying up all the moisture, leaving no trace of clouds behind.

After two hours, we finally arrived at Baiba Village in Dingri County. The wasteland that had just passed by was gradually replaced by houses, and the previously quiet land became lively, which made us feel a little more popular again.

The driver parked the car in front of a large stone, and I saw the words "Everest National Park" engraved on it. I quickly jumped off the car and looked around but couldn't see a snowy mountain. Has Mount Everest, which I have been longing for, not arrived yet? I was puzzled and about to ask the driver for clarification, but I didn't notice that a large group of Tibetan children suddenly appeared from somewhere. They surrounded me in groups, not knowing what they wanted to do!

I looked at their dark little heads, filled with innocent smiles, while I was nervous and at a loss. One of the slightly older boys, who looked like the "king" of these children, shyly reached out his hand and asked me, "Do you have anything delicious?"

With his leadership, other children also reached out to me to ask for delicious food. I laughed heartily and immediately relaxed, saying, "Yes, wait!"

Fortunately, I bought a lot of cookies and potato chips at the supermarket last night. I ran back to the car and picked them all up in one go. They crowded over, all reaching out their hands. I don't know who to start distributing, because I'm not sure if my snacks can be distributed to every child. If the distribution is too fast, some children may not have received it, wouldn't they be very sorry

I had a sudden inspiration and lifted the snack high, saying, "You all stand in line on the steps, and I will send them to you one by one."

I didn't expect the children to be so innocent and lovely. They obediently lined up on the steps, waiting quietly. The smaller ones are in the front, while the larger ones are in the back, which is truly reassuring. Each person has a small bag, and no child competes for it. They were happy to get the snacks, and I was also happy, but they didn't just eat them directly, but all of them were handed over to the child king

In surprise, I quickly ran to the big kid's side and asked if he had bullied other kids and confiscated their snacks. He quickly explained, "No, I'm the leader. I'll distribute it evenly to everyone!" I wasn't too confident and asked the other children next to me to confirm. The children all nodded and said yes! Seeing no children crying indicates that the little boy's words are true. I couldn't help but burst into laughter. It was so interesting that they had already established a very harmonious and united small organization at such a young age

I said, "I want to take photos with you!" and they bounced around, even happier than me. We stood together, carefully looking at the camera ahead. When I pressed the shutter, I felt the happiest moment of my trip to Xizang.

When I was leaving, I was reluctant to part with the children. Seeing these lovely children, I couldn't help feeling a little sorry for them. The environment here is harsh and resources are scarce. Apart from asking tourists for some snacks, food and clothing may be difficult for them. As we parted ways, each of them reached out their dark little hands and waved goodbye to us, shouting incessantly, "Goodbye, goodbye..."

Half an hour later, we arrived at the observation deck of Mount Everest at the Jiawula Pass. The wind on the mountaintop was surprisingly strong, and the prayer flags not far away were rustling in the wind. The already parked car was trembling in the wind. As we approached the edge of the observation deck, the vast and rugged landscape suddenly caught our eyes. In an instant, everyone began to exclaim, and I even felt my pupils contracting, wanting to see everything in front of me

At the distant end of the sky, towering snow capped mountains stand side by side, like war gods in the wind and snow, towering above the sky and emitting a solemn aura.

The Everest in my mind is among them, the main peak of the the Himalayas at 8844.43 meters above sea level, the first peak on the earth, and the mountain that once only existed in the TV set really appeared in front of me. Due to the distance being too far, I was unable to deeply appreciate the towering and upright nature of Mount Everest. However, the magnificent array of countless snow capped mountains standing side by side within a twenty kilometer radius around it deeply shook my heart.

There are 5 peaks above an altitude of 8000 meters here, and more than 40 peaks above 7000 meters. To the southwest, there stands the fourth highest peak in the world, the Luozi Peak at an altitude of 8516 meters, and the Zhuoqueng Peak at an altitude of 7589 meters; To the southeast stands the fifth highest peak in the world, Mount Makaru, with an altitude of 8463 meters; To the north is Zhangzi Peak, which stands at an altitude of 7543 meters; To the west are Nuzi Peak at an altitude of 7855 meters, Pumori Peak at an altitude of 7145 meters, Gezhong Peak at an altitude of 7994 meters, and the tenth highest peak in the world, Zhuoyou Peak at an altitude of 8201 meters.

Looking at the Jiawula Mountain in front of us, it is undulating, with ravines crisscrossing, rivers and roads winding and winding, with countless twists and turns, making it appear so slender and insignificant amidst the mountains. The small peaks that rise one after another are carved with magical patterns by the wind, like the eyes of the earth that open up, paying attention to the changes in the world

Standing here, no matter how tall a creature is, it appears so insignificant. Here is a place with the primitive temperament of nature. Under its awe, one cannot help but feel shortness of breath and weak legs, as if only crawling on the ground can relieve the pressure on the chest

I want to get closer to Mount Everest, so I must go to the base camp of Mount Everest. Everest Base Camp is a living zone set up to watch the environment of the core area of Everest. There are two campsites in China. The west slope base camp is located in Zhaxizong Township, Dingri County, Shigatse Prefecture, Xizang Autonomous Region, and the east slope base camp is located in the Gamagou area, Qudang Township, Dingri County. With an altitude of 5200 meters, it is about 19 kilometers away from the top of Everest, and is a national AAAAA tourist area. The observation deck is still one or two hours away from the headquarters of Mount Everest by car. We need to arrive there before it gets dark, hoping to try our luck and capture Mount Everest, which has been dyed golden by the sunset, as the sun sets.

At 5:30 pm, we finally arrived at the headquarters of Mount Everest located in the Gamagou area.

Looking up, the renowned Rongbu Temple stands on the top of the Zhuoma Mountain on the east and west sides of Rongbu Gully. With an altitude of 5154 meters, the terrain is towering and cold, making it the highest temple in the world. The flat ground not far from the temple is empty. Originally, it was a camping site for tourists, but due to the cold winter, it is no longer suitable for camping here. Therefore, all of them have been evacuated, leaving only a lattice made of stones.

Walk four kilometers further from the headquarters and you will see the Mount Everest Memorial at an altitude of 5200 meters. Normally, there should be armed police guarding in front of the monument, but we didn't see it, and we evacuated because it was too cold in winter. Looking up again, it is the world's highest peak - Mount Everest.

The driver drove very fast, and by the time he arrived at the base camp, the sun had not yet begun to set. The huge mountain in front of him shone with a light blue light against the blue sky, cold and majestic. We looked up at Mount Everest, feeling particularly excited and involuntarily showing reverence.

As the sun sets, the surrounding temperature gradually decreases, and clouds begin to gather in the sky. They drift around Mount Everest, sometimes obscured and sometimes revealed. Without a doubt, Mount Everest is an extremely charming mountain, and every passing white cloud will offer a respectful kiss before reluctantly leaving.

We are fortunate to have caught the opportunity to observe the summit of Mount Everest in the gap between clouds. But soon we arrived at an unfortunate moment, which was at sunset. The sudden increase in cloud cover quickly filled the entire sky, and dark clouds covered everything. There was no longer any possibility of "sunshine shining on the golden mountain", so we had to leave with a little disappointment and reluctance.

Regrets have never been absent, but we know that this departure is only temporary, and we will come again in the future to continue pursuing the grandeur and mystery of Mount Everest.

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