Nangabava Peak was once rated as the first of the "Ten Most Beautiful Mountains in China" by China National Geography magazine, and it is located in the Linzhi area. The next day, we will delve deep into the hinterland of Linzhi to observe this stunning mountain peak.

Speaking of which, the reason why we chose the Linzhi Ring Road this time is largely because Dafei deliberately chose this scenic spot. We saw the group photo of Dafei and Nanjiabawa Peak, which was truly breathtaking. Not to mention the sharp and angular peaks, the towering and majestic mountain alone was enough to shock everyone's soul.

Visiting Mount Nanjiabawa is undoubtedly worth looking forward to, but the Rizhao Golden Mountain of Mount Nanjiabawa is even more valuable on this journey.

In order to catch a glimpse of the sunny golden mountains of Mount Nanjiabawa, we need to stay overnight in Sosong Village, which was specially introduced by Dafei. It is not only the best scenic spot of Mount Nanjiabawa, but also allows us to stay at the homes of local Tibetans, which provides great convenience for our journey. Our driver, Long Ge, has been running the Linzhi route for so many years, and this is the first time he has heard of Sosong Village. This shows the remote nature of the village, but it undoubtedly proves that it is a secret realm, a secret realm exclusively belonging to the Nanjiabawa Peak.

On the way to Suosong Village, we passed several breathtaking attractions, the first of which was climbing over the stunning Sejila Mountain.

Sejila Mountain, 4728 meters above sea level, belongs to the Nyainqentanglha Mountains. It is the boundary between the east and the west of Nyingchi County, Xizang, and the watershed between the Niyang River basin and the the Yarlung Zangbo River. This mountain is majestic and has a high altitude, making the Sejila Pass an excellent place to admire the Nanjiabawa Peak. When the weather is clear, you can clearly see the magnificent scenery of the Nanjiabawa Snow Peak in the distance.

Standing at the Sejila Pass, we endure the cold wind head-on, but it is difficult to suppress our inner excitement. The Nanjiabawa Peak in front of us is like a towering giant, standing between heaven and earth. Its peaks rise high into the clouds, with clear and visible contours. The steep stone walls are as straight as knives and axes, making one marvel at the incredible craftsmanship of nature, truly worthy of being called the "long thatch that pierces the sky".

I gazed quietly at Mount Nanjiabawa, feeling a sense of awe that surged in my heart for a long time. At this moment, I finally understood why countless people traveled thousands of miles just to see the beauty of Mount Nanjiabawa. It is not just a mountain peak, but also a symbol of spirit, inspiring people to move forward courageously and pursue higher goals.

Before arriving at Sosong Village, he had already been conquered by the Nanjiabawa Peak, and it is truly unknown what kind of scalp numbing presence there will be in the future. I believe the awe inspiring experience of watching Mount Nanjiabawa in Sosong Village will be even greater!

We reluctantly left the Sejila Pass, followed the winding mountain road all the way down, and soon arrived at another picturesque scenic spot - Lulang.

Lulang is a mysterious and charming land, just like a pearl inlaid in the magnificent picture scroll of Xizang. It boasts stunning natural scenery, including majestic snow capped mountains, lush forests, vast grasslands, and flowing streams. Whether strolling on the grassland, feeling the comfort of the gentle breeze, or immersing oneself in the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature, Lulang can bring peace and relaxation to people. In addition, Lulang is also a paradise for photography enthusiasts, capturing intoxicating scenery from any angle.

In Lulang, you can also taste the delicious Tibetan fragrant pigs and chickens. Especially the stone pot Tibetan fragrant chicken, its unique taste is truly unforgettable. The ingredients are mainly Tibetan chicken, with various fungi and medicinal materials. It is not only delicious, but also has high nutritional value. It is a traditional famous dish in Xizang.

We stopped at the town of Lulang to eat this famous dish. Lulang Town not only has delicious food, but also its scenery is the essence of the essence of Lulang scenery. Here, there are snow capped mountains, forests, flowers, and meadows, with a nearby view of lakes and wetlands, and a distant view of snow capped mountains and clouds. A series of meticulously designed new Tibetan style buildings are located within it. In the clean streets, Tibetans squat in groups of three or five at the door chatting, while groups of cute Tibetan fragrant pigs sway their little tails and run recklessly all over the street. In addition, a few lazy yaks leisurely walk on the grass, forming a beautiful picture of a paradise.

After enjoying the stone pot chicken, we continue our journey, with endless beautiful scenery along the way. No matter where we go, the stunning mountains and waters can form a unique scenery. Yani National Wetland Park, Buddha palm dunes, the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, and Duoxiong La Mountain have emerged one after another, constantly refreshing our pursuit of beauty

Playing until noon, Da Fei introduced our guide in Sosong Village, Lausanne, to us and asked us to meet up quickly. He, as a professional, had already timed the sunset time to ensure that we could enter Sosong Village before the sunset and meet our viewing requirements for the sunny golden peak of Mount Nanjiabawa.

When we saw him, we shook hands happily and exchanged pleasantries. We didn't expect him to be a cheerful Tibetan boy with dark skin and a bit chubby. He used to be a glorious soldier of the People's Liberation Army, but now that he has switched jobs and returned home, he is also adept as a tour guide. He specifically told us that he would take us to see the best observation deck of Mount Nanjiabawa

We arrived at his house and took a brief rest. During our casual conversation, I saw that the sun was about to set and quickly asked him when he would go to see the scenic spots. He calmly patted my shoulder and said, "Come with me!" In no time, we arrived at a large stone, which was right at his home. No wonder he was so confident

He asked us to climb up the stone and try it out. I used both hands and feet, but as soon as I poked my head out, my mouth grew wide in shock at the sight before me. This is truly an excellent place to watch Mount Nanjiabawa. Compared with the Sejila Pass, the Namjagbarwa Peak seen here is more huge. The the Yarlung Zangbo River, which meanders through the foot of the mountain, enriches the surrounding scenery. The great canyon with a great drop further sets off the towering peak.

Gradually, a faint orange glow began to appear in the sky. As time passed, the orange color became brighter and the golden sunlight gradually spread over Mount Namjabawa. When the entire mountain was dyed golden, it appeared before us like a god wearing a golden armor.

At that moment, we were all shocked by the scene in front of us. Our friends couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. When their mood calmed down a bit, we took turns climbing up the stone to take photos, posing in various positions, and only seeking the moment of merging with Nanjiabawa

Not to mention how happy we were at this moment, we kept filming until the sun set, still reluctant to part with Nanjiabawa.

We didn't have to turn back until Lausanne's mother prepared dinner. Looking back at the magnificent mountain peak, we agreed to come again next time.

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