The area of the Bada terraced fields is too large, and even a 14mm lens cannot capture its full view. This is my biggest feeling during the filming process. Every time I try to capture its beauty with a camera, I find that the terraced fields in the picture are just the tip of the iceberg. I once tried to stand in different positions and use different lenses, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fully present the grandeur of the terraced fields in Bada.

It's really difficult to wait for a sunset in Bingzhongluo in May or June, at least it's me. It took me seven days but didn't bring a brilliant sunset.

I stand on the observation deck of Bingzhongluo, gazing at the distant sky, filled with disappointment in my heart. For these seven days, I have come to this place every day, waiting for the sunset and sunset. I look forward to seeing the brilliant colors, the sky burning like flames, but every day ends in disappointment.

As the sun gradually rises and the light becomes stronger, the red soil will become bright and dazzling. The crops in the fields have also been dyed with a golden radiance, thriving. The sunlight falls on the red soil of Dongchuan, like the red glow of the earth, which is the most beautiful gift from nature.

Perhaps only from a high place can one truly feel the Nu River and the valleys it has cut. And Zhiziluo's location is truly breathtaking, overlooking the Nu River Canyon at his feet. The surging river, ever-changing clouds, layered mountains, and even the mountain road for locals to return home wind and turn on the mountains, like a path to the sky! Every scenery here has a soul shaking beauty

In the morning, while driving in the valley, we saw the majestic Snow Mountain Villa standing solemnly on the skyline. The snow on the mountaintop shimmered with dazzling light under the sunlight, giving people a feeling of sacredness and inviolability. The mountains are shrouded in clouds and mist, like a dream, adding a touch of mystery to the entire valley. Under the snow capped mountains, a clear stream originates from the glaciers of the snow capped mountains, passes through lush forests and vast farmland, and flows slowly towards the outside of the valley.