We walked out of the village and accidentally climbed onto the second observation deck, which was a platform for watching the sunrise. This was supposed to be where we should arrive in the morning, so I didn't feel late coming in the afternoon. Especially standing on the observation deck, when we look down from a high position, the Central Road Tibetan Fortress is in front of us at a glance

Compared to the ancient and mysterious Danba Tibetan Village, the middle road appears more peaceful, and being in it gives people a feeling of strolling in a paradise.

The residential buildings in the village have a beautiful and ancient style, and are generally built on relatively flat areas on sunny slopes. Hundreds of residential buildings are situated on the mountain, arranged in an orderly manner, and together with the surrounding dense forests, clear streams, and snowy peaks, form a picture of pastoral songs.

There are occasionally several towering brick towers in the middle of the residential buildings, which are very distinctive watchtowers of Danba. They have a beautiful appearance, usually in the shape of square columns ranging from four to five to eight corners, with a few reaching thirteen corners. They are built with soil and stones, and the walls are very solid. It can be mainly divided into four types: pass watchtowers, Huanghuo watchtowers, zhai watchtowers, and jia watchtowers, with jia watchtowers and zhai watchtowers being the most common.

Legend has it that watchtowers were originally used to subdue demons, but with the needs of production and life, they were mostly used for warfare and defense against beasts. The watchtowers are mainly concentrated on both sides of the river valley, either in groups of three or five, or independent of the mountain. The watchtowers echo each other and form a momentum along the mountain. In areas with concentrated distribution, within the reach of the eye, dozens of watchtowers rise and fall, forming a magnificent group of watchtowers.

The clouds in the magical sky flow rapidly, and a pair of invisible hands tear several cracks out of the airtight cloud curtain. A little Jesus light shines down, and the earth is instantly given color

The earth is illuminated by this magical light, and everything becomes clear and visible. Mountains, rivers, forests, and fields appear even more beautiful and moving under the sunlight. This land is full of vitality and energy, as if telling the miracles and endless possibilities of life.

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