On the vast land of China, the colorful Danxia of Zhangye is like a brilliant gem, embedded in the arid land of the north. This Danxia landform is the only landscape in China that combines Danxia with colorful hills. It combines grandeur, danger, wonder, tranquility, and beauty, and its colorful, ornamental, and large area make its scenery unparalleled.

Its distinctive landscape is picturesque, with the solemnity of the Little Potala Palace, the softness of the Sleeping Beauty, the mystery of the Divine Turtle Asking the Sky, the warmth of the Divine Dragon Playing with Fire, the uniqueness of the Big Scallop, and the grandeur of the Red Cliff Great Wall. Each place seems to be a masterpiece of nature, leaving people amazed.

When you climb to the top of the colorful Danxia and gaze far away, you will see continuous mountains like watercolor paintings, colorful and breathtaking. Walking through it, it feels as if one has entered a stunning picture, making one feel refreshed and filled with emotions.

The beauty of the colorful Danxia lies in its ever-changing scenery and fantastic landforms. It is said that its colors will become more colorful and charming in the morning, sunset, and early sunshine after rain.

However, even so, I still feel that the colorful Danxia at this moment is so beautiful that words cannot describe it, and that shock has been deeply imprinted in my heart.

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