The magnificent scenery of the Zada Tulin in Ali, Xizang is breathtaking. The vast and boundless Zada earth forest is like a sleeping dragon, carefree and contented in the embrace of Mother Earth. Its unique appearance and scattered layout give this land an indescribable and awe inspiring beauty.

The new snow that just fell last night seemed like a gift from heaven to this land, covering it with a silver coat. The Zada soil forest after snow appears fresh and refined, like poetry and painting. Whether it is the snow crown on the Zada soil forest or the snow accumulation on the distant snow mountain, they are like a magnificent painting that leaves people amazed.

The sky is as blue as if washed by a clear stream, pure and transparent. The blue silver light reflected from the Zhada Tulin and the snow capped mountains intertwined, shimmering with ethereal light. This kind of scenery is like a fairyland in a fairy tale world, making people intoxicated.

I was deeply moved by the incredible craftsmanship of nature, and my eyes couldn't help but moisten, unable to let go for a long time.

In this wonderful fairyland, I am immersed in this emotion, and my soul feels unprecedented peace and tranquility. I took a deep breath and felt the unique charm emanating from this land. This charm seems to have a healing power, making me forget the troubles and conflicts in the world.

I am reluctant to leave, and this moment will eventually become one of the most precious memories of my life.

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