In late April, it is the end of terrace irrigation, which does not affect viewing. However, as the season changes from spring to summer, the rise of water vapor and temperature makes the climate in the valley rainy. There are always thick clouds, which makes it difficult for me to watch the sunrise and sunset, but this does not affect viewing, because the terraces are always wrapped in clouds, but there is more smell of ink! I looked down at the terraces of Yuanyang from the air through the UAV and found that it has a more magnificent side...
  • 多依树 · 日出

    多依树 · 日出

  • 多依树 · 日出2

    多依树 · 日出2

  • 坝达 · 落日余晖

    坝达 · 落日余晖

  • 坝达 · 落日余晖2

    坝达 · 落日余晖2

  • 多依树景区


  • 大瓦遮梯田


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