Yaomei'er Peak is the main peak of Mount Siguniang. There is a legendary story about Yaomei'er Peak:

Legend has it that a long time ago, Abalanyi had four beautiful and kind daughters. The four girls fought bravely and tenaciously against the fierce demons in order to eliminate the demon Mordora, who killed his parents and harmed the villagers. The last four girls turned into four tall and beautiful peaks, known as Mount Siguniang. Among them, Yaomei'er Peak is the most beautiful among the four girls, and also the highest in altitude. People affectionately call her the "Queen of Shu Mountain".

This legendary story expresses people's reverence for nature and their longing for a better life, as well as their brave, resilient, and indomitable spirit.

Seeing such a beautiful youngest sister, I couldn't help but want to recite a poem:

Yaomei stands tall in the clouds,
The flag cloud fluttered on the mountaintop.
The wind blows and the clouds move in a dreamy way,
Such a beautiful scenery on earth.

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