Yanjing Ancient Salt Field is located in Naxi Ethnic Township, Mangkang County, Changdu City, Xizang, on the east and west sides of Lancang River, 214 National Highway, at an altitude of about 2300 meters. The ancient salt fields have a long history. As early as the Tang Dynasty, ancestors developed salt fields.

The legendary King Gesar and King Naxi Jiangba once competed for a salt well here, so this place is also known as the site of the "Battle of Jiangling". In an era of scarce salt, salt wells became a battleground for every household. The salt fields of the salt wells still retain the world's unique ancient salt making techniques to this day, and this is also the only ancient salt field in China that fully preserves the primitive manual salt drying method.

The moment you step into the ancient salt well and salt field, it feels like time goes back. When the drone rose, I looked down at this ancient salt field from a brand new perspective, feeling an indescribable shock in my heart.

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