Years ago, I joined a group of friends and came to the Arctic Village in Mohe. As soon as we arrived at Arctic Village, we took a break and rushed to the border of Heilongjiang, which is the border between China and Russia. I will be in close contact with the border for the first time.

Arriving at the riverbank, I was shocked by the sight before me. Heilongjiang is very wide, so wide that it takes an hour or so to walk by. It is almost impossible to illegally cross such a wide river. The weather is very cold, with temperatures in the minus thirties, but the cold did not stop our enthusiasm. We went down to the river, had intimate contact with ice and snow, took photos as souvenirs, had snowball fights, and had a lot of fun, forgetting the passage of time.

When we were having fun, suddenly someone pointed to the sky and shouted, "Look, sunset!" We all looked up and saw that the clouds in the sky were dyed orange red, like a dream, beautiful and breathtaking. The afterglow of the sunset falls on the river surface, and the frozen river reflects a dazzling light, forming a magnificent scene that makes people cannot help but marvel at the wonder and beauty of nature.

We quietly appreciate the beautiful sunset, forgetting the cold and fatigue, as if we are in a fairy tale world. Time passed unconsciously, and as the sky gradually darkened, we reluctantly left the edge of the Heilongjiang River.

This trip to Mohe allowed me to have my first close encounter with national borders and feel the vastness and grandeur of my motherland. That beautiful sunset will forever remain in the depths of my memory.

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