On the last night of leaving Taiwan, I arrived at Taipei Xiangshan, which is an excellent place to watch the sunset. Climbing to the mountaintop, I can not only see Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taipei, but also admire the urban skyline surrounding Taipei 101.

There were many people on the observation deck, and I had to queue for a long time to squeeze into the good spot for taking photos, because I was very anxious for a long time before filming began. Time passed by minute by second, and the sunset was getting closer and closer. I was squeezed in the crowd and couldn't put on a good posture. Sweat flowed freely in anxiety

Finally, the sun slowly set on the opposite side, and the sky turned golden and then pink. This magnificent scenery makes people exclaim time and time again, and I also pressed the shutter button to capture this beautiful moment.

I didn't leave Xiangshan until it was dark because I had to leave Taipei the next day. During these seven days of cycling, I successfully completed the task of circumnavigating Taiwan Island. To reward myself, I ate all the snacks in Taipei and fell in love with 228 Memorial Park.

During my stay in Taipei for two or three days, I would buy a cup of winter melon tea and a fried chicken chops every night to come here, enjoying the cool breeze while eating and watching people dance. This place is filled with a strong atmosphere of life, which makes me feel the enthusiasm and vitality of the Taiwanese people.

In the past few days in Taiwan, I have felt the warm hospitality of the Taiwanese people, as well as experienced Taiwan's beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural heritage. This trip to Taiwan has left a deep impression on me about this beautiful island.

Taiwan is a place worth visiting again and again. I believe I will come back again and feel the beauty here.

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