When I came to Guangfulin, it was midsummer. The heat is unbearable, but I have been waiting nearby for the sunset, waiting for the setting sun to form a romantic encounter with the surrounding scenery in the evening.

I climbed onto the observation platform by the lake and saw the magnificent architectural complex floating on the vast surface of the lake. As the sun sets in the west, a myriad of rosy rays cover the water, and my thoughts seem to have traveled through thousands of years. Guangfulin is a place with a profound history and cultural heritage. This is the root of Shanghai and the source of Songjiang. As early as the Neolithic Age, ancestors have thrived and nurtured the splendid Guangfulin culture here.


The colors in the sky are constantly changing, with orange, red, and purple intertwined, and the buildings in the distance appear particularly unique under the reflection of the sunset. I stood there quietly, admiring the beautiful scenery, feeling different landscapes and cultures

The sun gradually sets and the sky gradually darkens. The gentle breeze on the lake gently brushed my face, bringing a hint of coolness. The surrounding lights gradually lit up, and the entire Guangfulin became even more beautiful and mysterious

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