When watching the sunrise at Sailimu Lake, one must not honestly buy tickets and wait for the sightseeing bus at the north gate. One must drive directly to the south gate to wait for the sunrise, because I have suffered such a heavy loss

I used to think that just by buying tickets at the north gate and waiting for the sightseeing bus to go to the south gate, one could smoothly enjoy the beautiful sunrise. However, I underestimated the variables in this seemingly simple itinerary. The sightseeing bus, which carried my long-awaited transportation, was delayed for ten minutes while waiting for passengers. And when it finally started heading towards the south gate, the magnificent sunrise that should have been recorded in my camera was hastily missed in front of me.

I still remember when the sun had just risen from the lake, bright red, beautiful and solemn. But I could only watch it slowly rise on the water in the distance, because of the angle issue, I couldn't capture the beautiful scenery of this moment on the sightseeing bus. My inner anxiety and helplessness, like ants on a hot pot, make me almost unable to control myself.

Although the tour bus driver has already driven the car very fast, the speed of the sun's rise seems to be faster. By the time I arrived at the shore, most of the beautiful sunrise had already disappeared into the dawn. I hurriedly walked through clusters of blooming chrysanthemums and finally found a scenic spot by the lake. I quickly adjusted the angle, pressed the shutter button, and captured this fleeting beauty in my lens.

Although I missed most of the sunrise time, fortunately, I can still find some comfort in this photo. That was my deepest memory of the sunrise at Sailimu Lake, and also my most unforgettable lesson.

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