Approaching Pumoyong Cuo, I was completely shocked by the scene before me. I have never seen such a scene before. The lake is covered in ice, and frozen ice sheets are stacked against the wind and waves, creating a magnificent scene.

I stood by the lake, letting the cold wind pierce my bones like a knife. The warmth inside my body was gradually taken away, and I gritted my teeth tightly, trying to maintain my body's temperature. I understand in my heart that only by persevering can we wait until the moment the sun rises.

Gradually, a faint light began to emanate from the distant hills. On the surface of the lake, ice sheets seemed to be ignited by sunlight, shining brightly in the sunlight, as if a group of little elves were dancing the melody of life.

At this moment, I was so excited that I wanted to cry. I have seen countless sunsets before, but this moment of sunrise is the most beautiful I have ever seen, none of them. That is an indescribable beauty, a touching touch of the soul. I stood there silently, letting the cold wind howl and my heart race, just quietly enjoying this stunning scenery.

At the moment the sun rises, everything becomes warm. I feel the cold on my body gradually fading away, replaced by a brand new force. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, knowing that the moment I had been waiting for had arrived. This is the most beautiful sunrise I have been waiting for in Pumoyong Co, and it is also the most beautiful moment of my life.

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