Near Shenzhong Mountain, most of the herdsmen living there belong to the Kazakh ethnic group, and they commonly refer to this mountain as Amursana Mountain. Legend has it that during the Qing Dynasty, the leader of the Mongolian Junggar tribe, Amursana, launched a rebellion here, but was ultimately defeated by the Qing army.

The name Shenzhong Mountain comes from its shape, like a large clock that is inverted in the mountains, giving people a solemn and mysterious feeling.

Shenzhong Mountain is a breathtaking wonder. It is a huge and complete boulder, smooth and towering, showcasing unparalleled masculine beauty. On this smooth mountain, pine trees grow tenaciously. Every person standing at the foot of Zhongshan will be deeply attracted by the vitality displayed by these trees, casting a respectful gaze.

In autumn, the beautiful Dadonggou where Shenzhong Mountain is located seems to have become a master of color. The golden birch trees, vibrant red poplar trees, and deep green pine trees intertwine to form a magnificent picture. They complement each other with the turbulent Ertix River, occasionally emitting the crisp chirping of woodpeckers, cuckoos, and cuckoos, like a beautiful symphony.

For Kazakhs, Mount Shenzhong is not only a source of pride, but also a source of faith and spiritual support. They believe that as long as they have faith in their hearts, they can overcome all difficulties and challenges. This belief and spiritual sustenance also make Kazakhs more united and strong.

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