In Dahe Fort, I quietly wait for the sunset to come. Here, there is no one, peaceful as a quiet chamber of time, everything appears so peaceful and beautiful.

I wandered around and found a big tree heading towards the sunset. It is tall and straight, with lush branches and leaves, like a giant green umbrella. And what surprised me the most was that its shape was so similar to a heart shape, as if it was a unique gift bestowed upon me by nature.

I placed the big tree in the middle of the composition, as if it were the protagonist of this picture. I waited quietly, waiting for the afterglow of the sunset to fall on it.

As time passed, the setting sun gradually set in the west. The brilliant light shone through the clouds, scattering on the earth and also on the big tree. I saw its most dazzling appearance, which is a beauty that cannot be described in words.

When the afterglow of the sunset falls on the big tree, every leaf is ignited, shining with warm and brilliant light. The branches of the big tree are also whispering to the sunset, telling the story of time. And I stood quietly on the side, immersed in this wonderful atmosphere, feeling the charm of the sunset.

At this moment, I was deeply moved by the scene before me. It is like a fairy of nature, witnessing the history of the castle. On it, I see the flow of time and feel the rhythm of life.

The sunset in Dahe Fort is even more unique due to this big tree. This picturesque scene has been deeply imprinted in my heart.

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