This is Bataizi Village, Motianling, Zuoyun County, Datong City. This Gothic style building is a remnant of a church. It was first built in 1876 by a German priest and was destroyed during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900. It was rebuilt in 1916 and was destroyed again after the Anti Japanese War and liberation. Even the bricks and stones on the ground have been demolished to the point where only the tower in front, known as the "Great Danba", is left, just like the Macau Grand Sanba.

It is not as prosperous as a big city. Backward regions also have "backward benefits". You can find a good star shooting slot without going far away. This slot is not far from home. It takes more than an hour to get stuck in traffic on the 80km journey. It is also the first time to shoot the stars in go home for such a long time

The falling moon in the photo is in the same frame as the Milky Way, which I didn't expect, because it's also my first time coming to this position! At 6:30 in winter in the north, there is no daylight, which makes me easily find a place to put on a tripod and get the Winter Galaxy. Surprisingly, the moon is still hanging in the sky, and the Milky Way in winter is already relatively dim. Coupled with the interference of moonlight, the Milky Way appears even rarer.

Fortunately, the moon is approaching the horizon and I know it will soon disappear. I adjusted the composition and started with the delay.

The cold of winter drove me back to the car, and I waited until midnight. I stepped on the stars and returned to my seat, illuminating the "big single bus" with a flashlight, and finally completed this painting of the "Gate of Time and Space"

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