In the dim light of the morning, I stood on the observation deck of Mount Boone, quietly waiting for the miracle of sunrise. The peaks of Annapur and Fishtail in front of me gradually awakened under the morning light, emitting a charming radiance. The figures of the Dorajiri peaks in the distance are also faintly visible, like guardians of the world, standing proudly between heaven and earth.

Mount Dorajiri, the seventh highest peak in the world, is approximately 300 kilometers away from Mount Everest. Its name "Dorajiri" comes from Sanskrit, meaning "white mountain". However, this mountain peak is not just pure white. Due to its steep terrain and numerous dangers, it is also known as the "Devil's Peak", which is daunting.

Under the gentle touch of dawn, the curtain of the sky gradually unfolds, blooming a breathtaking morning glow. That brilliant color, like a painter's palette, is freely scattered on the earth. In the distance, the main peak of Dorajiri seems to be still immersed in a sweet dream, while its guard peak has been awakened by the morning glow, burning with a warm fiery red all over its body.

That fiery red is so pure and passionate, as if the soul deep in the volcano is awakening, releasing endless power and passion. Every breath feels as if one can feel the fiery power, making people feel awe inspiring.

At this moment, time seems to have come to a standstill, leaving only the burning Wei Peak and the slowly awakening world to weave a hymn of nature together.

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