I never thought that in Karamay, which is famous for its oil, there was a fantastic Danxia scenery hidden deep inside.

That is a unique attraction known locally as the "oil volcano". Countless tourists rushed in, their eyes fixed on the mud volcano, which was bubbling with oil bubbles. But few people stand high and gaze out at the magnificent scenery.

A fiery red ridge winds down like a mysterious rune between heaven and earth. It surrounds a peaceful lake, evoking contemplation. However, as I approached, I was startled to realize that it was not ordinary lake water.

That is a pool of black gold, a pool of rolling oil. It shines with golden light before my eyes, as if heralding my future wealth and good luck. At this moment, endless joy and anticipation surged in my heart.

I seem to see endless possibilities for the future, rich treasures like oil, waiting for me to explore. Every golden bubble is filled with hope, miracles, and opportunities. My heart is filled with endless longing and anticipation, as if I have touched the edge of wealth and good luck

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