The morning glow of spring may carry a mysterious charm that fills people with anticipation. However, the clouds that always dissipate are like a mischievous child, breaking my expectations time and time again, leaving me extremely disappointed.

In the past month, I have captured very few photos of the morning glow, because many times I wake up early to catch that brilliant glow, but always miss it at the last moment. I have felt remorseful about this and doubted whether I really had no connection with this beautiful morning glow.

This time, I came to Liuyin Island with a mindset of exploring aircraft positions. This is a place that I rarely venture into, so it is also full of unknowns and novelty. I strolled on the island, searching for the corner that might match the morning glow. Finally, I discovered a large stone.

At this moment, half of the blues time had already passed, and the long-awaited morning glow appeared! It is like a splendid painting, slowly unfolding in the sky. The colorful colors, through the clouds, sprinkled on the lake surface, making everything colorful. I stood on the stone, quietly admiring the beautiful scenery, my heart filled with emotion.


The beauty in life is often not what we expect. I always pursue something, with a strong sense of purpose that often overlooks the beauty around me.

The morning glow of spring, although elusive, makes me cherish every morning. Even though there have been countless disappointments, as long as we persevere in our pursuit, we will always find our own brilliant glow at some point.

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