I met her at a wedding. The lively atmosphere of the wedding permeates every corner, and people on the dance floor dance gracefully to the rhythm of the music, with laughter and joy echoing one after another.

And on the edge of the dance floor, her slender figure caught my eye. Her eyes were as clear as a clear spring, as if they could reflect the sunshine in my heart.

She lives in a beautiful mountain village surrounded by rolling mountains. At the foot of the mountain, there is an endless grassland. At the turn of spring and summer, the green grass is lush and connects with the sky, forming a beautiful picture.

Every morning, Mayila goes to graze sheep with her family. She enjoys listening to the sound of sheep grazing and watching them run freely on the grassland.

During the intervals between herding sheep, she and her family would sit together, singing and laughing one after another. They sing ancient mountain songs, dance traditional dances, and the notes and steps are like seasonings in life, making ordinary days more flavorful.

She enjoys a carefree childhood in this beautiful mountain village, simple yet full of fun

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