The first time I went to Taiwan, I lived in Tamsui and even heard about Tamsui Wharf, which is a great place to watch the sunset. The place where I live is not far from the dock, and the sunset is very hot. When I arrived at the dock, I found that there were already many locals and tourists waiting for the sunset.

The afterglow of the setting sun sprinkled on the pier, casting a golden coat over the entire pier. In this beautiful scenery, I feel a healing warmth. I think those who watch the sunset every day must be attracted and moved by this beautiful scenery.

In the distance, a man fishing swung his fishing rod in the afterglow, as if engaging in a conversation with the setting sun. His figure, against the backdrop of the afterglow, formed a beautiful scene that made people unable to resist wanting to freeze this moment in their memory forever.

As the sun gradually sets, the sky is dyed orange red, and the crowd on the dock gradually disperses. I stand still, quietly enjoying the beautiful scenery. In this noisy world, we are often troubled by various trivial matters and overlook the beauty around us. However, when we stop and feel the beauty of nature with our hearts, we will find that there are still many things worth cherishing in life.

I think that fishing man comes here every day, not only to fish, but also to experience the beautiful sunset scenery. He found his own tranquility and comfort in this beautiful scenery. And I also found my own inner peace during this trip.

I left Tamsui Port and took away this beautiful memory. I believe that in the future, I will cherish everything around me more and feel the beauty of life with my heart.

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